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Signs You Need to Contact an A/C Repair Service

Many times, people run into problems with their air conditioning units. The reasons for these problems may vary greatly. With summer right around the corner, you need to make sure that your A/C units are functioning properly. Sometimes, you may not be too sure if there is something wrong. So, how do you know if an issue requires you to call in professionals? Well, here are some signs that you should not ignore, which will tell you that it is time for you to contact the A/C repair service and get the issue fixed by experts.

Complete A/C System Failure

This is one of the most obvious signs that your A/C unit needs repair. A complete failure happens when the system stops working with no cooling or fans running. This may indicate a major underlying issue like a failed compressor, gas valve malfunction, electrical problem, or burnt-out blower motor. Attempting to repair it yourself when the A/C system has completely shut down can be unsafe and will require you to spend more in the long run. So make sure you call professionals for air conditioning repair in Houston to accurately diagnose the problem and get your unit back to running smoothly.

The Unit Blows Hot Air

Hot air coming from the vents is another common problem with air conditioners. It usually results from the system not having enough coolant to cool air as it moves through the system. The coolant may not run out unless there is a leak or some other flaw. So your air conditioner blowing out hot, sir, means that you need a licensed technician to repair, inspect, and replace the coolant.

The A/C System Turns On and Off Frequently

When the A/C unit turns on and off constantly within minutes of running, it is called cycling. This means that the system is experiencing a high level of wear and tear. It is suggested that you get the repair done if the system is not operating as it usually does. Observe that the system is clicking on and running or turning off right away. These issues will require a programmable thermostat upgrade.

Strange Odors from the Unit

This is another sign that indicates you need an A/C repair service. There are many types of odors you may smell but know that there is a problem if it’s a musty smell or a smell like there is some type of plastic burning. If the scent is very strong, it is recommended that you turn off the air conditioner and call the experts. The repair service team will inspect and determine if the system is safe or not. Avoid using the A/C unit if you smell any type of burning scent or if there is any smoke.


So if your A/C system runs into any of the above problems, look for an A/C repair service that is committed to helping in keeping the system running well for the long term. If you see any of the above signs that indicate that the system needs a repair, you can contact a team of professionals who can inspect, troubleshoot, and offer a repair that gets your system back up.

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