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Air Conditioning Units
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AC Repair Southside Place, TX

Located in Houston Heights, ASAP AIR Air Conditioning and Heating offers reliable AC repair and heating services in the Southside Place. We are a family owned and run business providing unsurpassed customer service at competitive prices.

Family owned and Operated
ASAP AIR Air Conditioning and Heating is known to deliver award-winning AC & Heating services in Houston Heights, TX. We are a reputable family owned and operated business that provides unmatched customer service at 20-30 percent lower prices than the market rates in the Southside Place TX area.

Factory-Trained and Certified Technicians
Our factory trained and certified technicians deliver exemplary AC and Heating services at cost effective prices. We conduct a thorough background check before hiring each of our employees.

Maintenance is the Key to Energy Efficiency and Long Life
Get your hefty Air Conditioners in shape with regular maintenance services. This will help enhance the functioning and efficiency of your unit. Proper maintenance of AC and Heating Systems can prolong the life of your system. Avoiding routine tune-ups may result in lack of cooling efficiency, increased electricity bills, and possible repairs.

Southside Place TX Area Rule of Thumb
Skipping the regular tune-ups of your AC reduces the cooling efficiency of your system by 5%. With routine check ups, you can save a lot on your electricity bills and repair/replacement charges. So, don’t forget to get your AC serviced by a professional.

Weekend Get Away
During summer, turning your AC off might just not be the right choice for you. Because when you turn your AC off, the heat builds up in your home, making your AC work a lot harder to bring down the temperature. When you plan to leave your Southside Place TX home for a long weekend, leave the AC on and enjoy the lower electricity bills.

Heat and Humidity Build Up
When you plan to head out of your home, leave your AC on and set the temperature at 2 to 4 degrees. Turning off AC will result in heat and humidity build up in the walls, furniture and carpet, which will take hours to be eliminated. This will keep your home cool when you come back, with lower utility bills.

Award Winning Service Near Southside Place TX
ASAP AIR Air Conditioning and Heating is an award-winning service provider in Houston Heights. We provide exemplary AC repair and heating services in Southside Place, TX. Known for our unsurpassed customer service, our family owned and operated business offers competitively priced services.

Southside Place TX Area Service
In need of air conditioning or heating services? Get in touch with ASAP AIR Air Conditioning and Heating for reliable AC and heating services. Our competent technicians will diagnose, and perform the necessary repairs on your AC and Heating systems in Southside Place TX area.