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Useful Tips for Homeowners to Care For Their ACs

An ill-maintained AC puts immense pressure your machine and makes it work harder. However, a well-maintained one will not only last you for many years but also use up less energy.

This is reason you should maintain your AC thoroughly to avoid expensive repairs and upkeep. That being said, here are some helpful tips that will help you improve your unit’s efficiency as well as performance.

Clean and replace the air filters

Despite the fact that air filter plays such a huge role in your AC’s performance, it is strange to see how little they are maintained. According to experts of AC Repair in Houston TX, they get called for AC repairs a lot and more often than not, the unit is performing poorly due to clogged air filters. Not cleaning or replacing them from time to time can restrict the flow of air and also spoil the indoor air quality.

Check all the components

Don’t forget to turn off the AC when you are working on it. Your next step should be to remove the panel on your unit and check if there are any signs of overheating. You can also check the capacitors and connectors to test for any electrical faults. If you notice excessive pitting, you must change the contactor switch. However, don’t touch anything you are not confident you can fix. If it seems too complex, just call a professional and let them do for you.

Thermostat check

Sometimes our thermostats may be the cause of the problem. You must ensure that it is working find if you want to keep your AC at the right temperature. Use a model that can be programmed as per your usage. It will allow you to set the temperature of your AC at a higher degree when no one’s home. You can also automatically set it to cool down the house at least 20-30minutes before your arrival so that you can get a comfortable home when you arrive.

Inspect the condenser fan

Don’t forget to drop the switch of your air conditioner when checking the fan on top of the condenser unit. You should ensure that it is working properly for your AC to function optimally. If you notice any cracks or chips in the fan’s blade, then it is time to replace them. You may also need to oil the fan motor if your AC is old.

Keep the unit clean

Remove all the dust, grass, leaves, grime, and particles that are sitting outside the AV. Cleaning the unit outside is just as important as it is to clean it from inside. Use a garden hose to gently remove all the debris from your unit. You should also trim the hedges to ensure that the outward air flow is not impeded due to overgrowth.

These simple maintenance tips will keep your unit running smoothly for years. However, don’t forget to call a technician every now and then for a full inspection.