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When to Use Your Fan or Air Conditioner During Warm Weather

Turning on a fan is always more affordable than using an air conditioner and there is no disputing that. However, they are both used in two different ways. Sometimes, a fan will be enough to cool you, but for other times, you will need air conditioning when the heat outside is just too much. You can also run both a fan and your air conditioner at the same time, and in turn, this will not require the air conditioner to work as hard, thus saving you a little money on energy bills.


Fans generally do not need a lot of energy in order to run. Opposed to an AC fan that runs directly from your wall socket, a DC fan is extremely energy efficient and will use a small percentage of the energy required by older, AC fans.

One drawback to a DC fan is that they are more-costly upfront compared to an AC fan. Its benefits normally come from the saving you make as you use the fan over a period of time. For less than 1 cent per hour, the average DC fan can cost that much to run at the highest speed setting.

Your bill will likely get just 5 bucks tacked onto it by only leaving the DC fan on for a whole month nonstop at its fastest speed; even less than that when you choose a slower speed. But while a fan is capable of doing all this, it is not without its limits.

Air Conditioners

Air conditioning requires a lot of energy, especially in a state like Texas. Your air conditioning services Houston, TX report that air conditioners are liable for more than half of all energy expenses during the months of June, July, and August. Air conditioners are no way as cheap to run as a fan, but they are much more beneficial when it comes to helping a warm, humid home cool down.

Air conditioners also require you to close all the doors and windows of your home. This is so that the cool air does not escape the home, and the warm air outside does not enter it. With cool air from one source battling with warmer air from another, your air conditioning will have to work harder to get your home to the room temperature that you desire.

However, air conditioning services Houston, TX will tell you that paying for a running fan compared to an air conditioner is like comparing apples to oranges. Fans and air conditioners do completely different things.

For one, a fan does not lower room temperature, it simply moves air about a room, giving you the sensation of coolness and disintegrating sweat. However, you will eventually feel uncomfortable no matter how big your fan is. In 85-degree heat, a fan will blow 85-degree air across your skin. This is not like air conditioners, which cool the air and work to eliminate hot air.

A great way for you to save money on an air conditioning unit is to use it hand in hand with your fan. Because the fan allows you to feel cooler as it gets rid of your sweat, you can feel comfortable so long as you are in a room that is air-conditioned.

This can shave some money off of your energy bills. Every degree you add to the heat on your thermostat will save you about 4 percent of your energy consumption from your air conditioning unit. But once again, you cannot afford to leave your windows and doors open, so be sure that they are all closed.