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Types of Air Conditioning Units

Most of us find it difficult to select the right air conditioning unit considering the fact that there are many choices available. The type that will be the best for your residence or office will depend on how much money you are willing to spend and the size of area that you would like to cool. Get the wrong type of unit and you run the risk of wasting money. There are basically three types of air conditioning units available in the market:

1. Window Units:

Window units are more energy efficient than central air conditioner units. These are generally available in regular size and also in size that is a few inches bigger than a foot. Window air conditioners are usually wider, so you might have a hard time finding one that is a perfect fit for your window. If you live at a place where you can’t make modifications to your unit or if you’re renting your home or apartment, a window unit could be the best choice for you as its all the major parts come in a single box, which makes it easy to install and carry around if need be.

2. Portable Units:

You can also take a look at portable air conditioner units which can be placed on the floor near your window from where they can pump out air. There are basically two kinds of portable units available in the market – dual and single systems. With a single hose system, only one tube is used to funnel hot air out of the area and if you only need to cool a smaller space then you should use a single hose unit. With a dual-hose unit, the hot air inside the house will be cooled and churned back into the room from where it originally came. Portable units are not very efficient and are best for those who can not modify their homes or are unable to install a wall unit.

3. Wall Units:

These are very much like window units except that you have to make a hole in the wall for the unit, which means that have to take the help of a professional contractor. One of the best things about wall units is that they are more efficient than window units. Moreover these can be rather expensive due to their costly installation.
You should explore all the options for air conditioning units before making a final decision. Air conditioning contractor in Houston can help you deal with installation issues as they have a trained staff knowing which air conditioning unit would be best for your home.