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Top Six Reasons Behind the Smell of Your AC

Have you ever wondered why an offensive odor fills the atmosphere of your home whenever you put on your air conditioner? Polluted air in the home is a major threat to the health of U.S residents. This means you cannot take the smell for granted as it poses a threat to you and your loved ones. The need for Houston AC repair all around the year is a must because the atmospheric temperature has increased dramatically in the last few decades.

Six different sources of AC odor have been provided below to help you identify the source (by identifying the type of smell) and suggest the solution to permanently correct it by.

Smells Like Cigarette?

Do you perceive the smell of stale cigarette whenever you put on the AC? This would be due to the result of someone smoking in the room and the smell of cigarettes would accumulate in the evaporator coil and filter. This is why you smell cigarette whenever you put on the AC.

The solution for this is to have the filter replaced and have a Houston AC repair professional come around to tune-up and clean the AC regularly. Also, you must ensure that cigarette smoking is only done outdoors.

Smells Like Rotten Meat?

Sometimes little creatures like rats and lizards find their way into our homes. In an event where any of these end up dead in your HVAC, an awful odor pollutes the atmosphere and gets amplified when the AC is on.

If this is the case, put off your AC system and allow for fresh ventilation through the windows. Contact your local pest control service provider to help you get rid of the carcass immediately.

Smells Like Rotten Egg?

This is one smell you mustn’t take for granted. The smell of rotten egg is often an indication of sulfur which is contained in cooking gas.

For your safety, switch off all electrical appliances and put off any open flame. Call your gas supplier to put your supply off while professionals come to fix the leakage.

Smells Like Used Stocking?

That awful smell which comes out of your stockings when you take off your shoes after a long day at work, is that how your AC smells?

This is a sign that it is time for professional cleaning because that smell results from an accumulation of dirt in the evaporator coils and the presence of stagnant water.

Smells Like Burning Wire?

This is an indication of faulty wiring and other electrical or mechanical problem. It could be as a result of short-circuiting. The solution is to put off the electric supply from the power source, leave the premises and call the fire department for immediate help.

Smells Like Mildew?

Due to humidity and leakage of water, mildew finds its way into the ductwork. In order to put an end to this smell, call a professional to help fix the leaks and ensure professional maintenance at least every two years.

Perhaps you had been suppressing these smells with aerosol sprays and air fresheners, we believe you now understand the danger in allowing the smell to persist. Your AC repair and maintenance should be regular.