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Tips to take proper care of the HVAC systems

HVAC systems need to be taken care of regularly so as to avoid hindrance in their functioning. The clean up can be done all yourself if you are aware of the maintenance measures. For excellent services, you can hire services from professional Houston HVAC contractors.

Listed below are some of the tips that would help in taking proper care of your HVAC system:

Change the Filters

Change the disposable filters in every one or three months as large particles often accumulate inside them over time. In case someone has allergy in your home and there are pets then it would be better if you change the setting quite often. Do not use a filter that would put a strain on the airflow of the system and affect its efficiency. In case you have a purification system, you can follow the instruction manual provided by the manufacturer for servicing the filters.

Clean the Condensing Unit

Several air conditioning models come with a condensing unit or a heat pump located outside with the fan that helps in dispersing the summer heat. Over time, the metal fins acquire dust and dirt which can clog it up and affects its performance. If you find out that it is not clean, you can make use of a water hose to clean it up. Also, avoid using high pressure jet on it as that can damage the unit severely.

Inspect and Create Clearance around the Outdoor Unit

Discard the growth of leaves and overgrown vegetation as they can interfere with the airflow of the outdoor unit. Remove the trees and bushes that might release excessive pollen which can clog the unit. You must clear up the bushes at least 2 feet from all sides of the unit so that they do not block the condensing unit.

Check the Evaporator Drain pan and the Evaporator coil

If you are not aware of the location of the drain pipe of your the HVAC system, you can contact a technician to help you out with the same. You need to clean the drainpipe regularly to clear up the blockage which might be caused due to the development of algae mold. Use a wet-dry vacuum to extract mold from the unreachable areas and be regular with the clean up during the summer season when the system is used the most.

Also, check out if there is a float switch installed with your system which would prevent any leakages on the ceiling area.

Consult a Professional for Regular Maintenance

Consult a licensed professional to help you out with the system maintenance every twice in a year. Make sure that you make them check the coil, drainage system and the drain pan, voltage, blower compartments, their refrigerant levels, as well as loose wires which can affect the functioning of the system.

It would be better if you service the equipment during the spring season when the weather is not extreme.

On a final note, being regular with the system maintenance is the key to ensure that it would work well for the coming years. Hire expert services from professional Houston HVAC contractors.