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Tips to Keep Your AC Functioning Optimally in Hottest Summers

Global warming is on to us. The summers are the hottest and winters are the coldest. Your summers can be especially gruesome if you live in Houston! Sometimes, the weather can get so unrelenting that even an air conditioner fails to offer relief.

Every summer you read tips upon tips to save energy and maintain your units. But apart from the basic tips, there are also others that will help you keep your home cool even in the hottest summers, especially if you notice that your AC struggles to work on hot days.

Shun the sun

Windows are the biggest culprit when it comes to trapping heat inside the house. This happens more in homes where the sun shines directly into the house. So if your house faces the onslaught of summer sun, then you need to consider investing in solar screens outside your window. They are incredibly efficient in keeping the heat out. You may also think about shading in the east and west areas of your house.

Seal the leaks

Big holes in your home are the reason your why your AC has to work extra hard to cool your home. One of the most common advice to keep your house cool during hot summers is to check for air flow leaks and caulking them shut! You can also weatherstrip your doors as an extra measure. So if you find that your AC is working really and still failing to do its job, then you need to start looking around the house for leaks in the crawl space, ducts, basement, attic etc.

Change the filter

According to Houston HVAC Repair experts, the most common reason for poor cooling is something as simple as a clogged air filter. You will notice an instant change in your AC’s performance the moment you replace it. A dirty filter reduces the air flow, thereby affecting the unit’s cooling ability.

Look for other air flow problems

If you recently changed your air filter and still didn’t get the results you were expecting, then the trouble may lie in other components of your AC such as a dirty evaporator coil, a clogged condenser coil etc. If you notice that your condenser is covered by overgrowth, then that may too affect your AC’s performance. While it is ok to trim the bushes yourself, do call a professional to clean the coils.

Consider using fans

If your air conditioner is the only appliance that is burdened with the task of cooling your home, then it is bound to fail at some point. This is why you must supplement your cooling with a fan that can distribute the cool air through the room and keep the temperatures comfortable.

So, these are some basic yet effective tips that will get out the best from your AC even during hot summer seasons. If every tip in this article fails, then perhaps it is time to call a professional!