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Tips to Find the Right AC Repair Technician

An air conditioner is a big investment. So when it shows sign of malfunctioning, it is important that you entrust its repair and upkeep in the hands of a trusted technician. Not researching your AC repair service carefully can cost you heavily as you may end up paying more for shoddy work and subsequent repairs.

That being said, if you are looking for a reliable technician that can handle your AC repair in Houston, then use the following tips to find the right man for the job.

Understand your AC

Before you hire a technician or a repair service provider, it is important to acquaint yourselves with your AC unit, its brand, and maintenance history. When you know your unit well, it will make you more confident as the technician diagnoses the problem and shares the details with you. This knowledge will help you save money when they fix your unit and you know that it has been fully repaired.

Research Your Options

When looking for a AC repair company or a technician, the best way to start is by asking around. Check with people you trust, contractors, friends, colleagues, online search etc. Once you have mined the information from all the sources, you must prepare a list to validate their work ethics over Better Business Bureau (BBB). This website is a single most reliable database to check for past complaints or unresolved issues that customers leave behind.

Check Their Experience

Once you have shortlisted a few names based on ethics, credentials, licenses, etc., it is time to check their experience as well. Ask them questions such as how long they have been in the business? Are they working full-time or part-time? Do they have any special expertize etc.? Experts recommend that you should only work with full-time contractors who have the experience in handling your AC unit.

Ask About Legal Compliance

Ask your technician if he has the license to perform the job. Ask for their license number that you can look up online to see if they are current. You may even if be able to find information about their past jobs. Also check if the company provides insurance to its employees. The last thing you want is to liable for medical expenses of a technician who meets with an accident on your property!


The best way to learn about service quality is to check with previous clients! You can contact the service provider’s past customers to know more about the technician’s work ethics. Their unbiased opinion will help you make an informed decision.

These may seem like a few extra steps than simply hiring one off the internet. However, you can prevent a lot of trouble and unnecessary expenses by going the extra mile right now. The technician you finally hire can be one you have on hand whenever your AC shows signs of trouble. You can also setup annual maintenance contract with them to increase your unit’s lifespan.