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When It’s Time To Buy a New AC

Is that irritating creaking krr-krr sound emanating from your air conditioning unit even after a few repairs? Is the cooling and dehumidifying not as strong as it used to be? Can you feel a constant odor coming from the vents of the air conditioner – the one that smells like slightly rotten fish or stagnant water? Well, it is probably high time you consider changing your system with a brand new energy efficient one!


Air conditioning systems are machines. They need repair and maintenance and have a life cycle of their own. First and foremost, when you are purchasing an ac – be it an online purchase or physical purchase at a store, ensure that you pick one which belongs to a reputable brand and is environmental friendly. Check the BTU (British Thermal Unit) on the ac and its capacity to work effectively in the desired living unit.

A quality AC might cost you a little more as compared to others in the market. However, consider this to be only a one time cost, because, an excellent ac will never give you unnecessary and untimely snags and other issues. It will last for decades and will bring down your energy bill to a great extent. But – a machine being a machine, as reiterated above – is bound to snag at one point or the other. You should look out for signs and indications for when to buy a new one.

A majority of AC related problems are can resolved efficiently, effectively and at a low cost by AC Repair Kingwood TX. Although, if you have owned a few electronic appliances before, you will have an idea of life-cycles and indicative signs. While some signs indicate that it is time for an expert servicing of the ac, others imply time for immediate replacement. Here is a list of few signs and indications to help you understand when you need a new ac –

Hiked bills – So when you first bought the ac home, there was hardly any substantial change in the energy bills, but with passage of time, you have noticed that the bills are going up, although your usage remains the same. This is a sure fire indication. Your first step should be to take professional repair servicing for the ac. Take their advice and get the ac replaced, if repair doesn’t work.

How old – If you have bought an excellent ac, the life span would be 15-18 years. If it is a mediocre ac, it is 8-10 years. So if your ac has exceeded its best years, it is recommended that you keep a keen eye on signs and potential problems. Chances of a failure or complete breakdown after the life span are inevitable and frankly, quite normal. An excellent repair service can stall such breakdown by a few more years.

Increase in space – If the requirement and usage of the ac in your home has increased, the ac is definitely not going to function as effectively as it once did when you first purchased it. If even after numerous repairs, it is still not functioning providing the required cooling effect, shift the old ac to a limited living space and bring in a new one.

Dust and debris – Are you wondering where is all the dust and debris entering your home from? All of a sudden do you find the surfaces of your house caked with a light film of constant dust despite shutting the windows and the drapes? Well, the culprit is your air conditioning unit. Believe it or not, when the ducts, vents and other parts of the ac become old, the filtration system will lose its previous effectiveness. Cooling and dehumidifying is not affected immediately, however, sudden exposure of dust is a good indicator. Though the problem can be repaired, it could cost you a lot. If you hire an expert AC repair service in Kingwood, TX , the technicians will advise you on the best route – whether to go for repairs to invest in a new one.