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Current A/C Unit

Three Upgrades You Could Make to Your Current A/C Unit

As spring approaches, that mild weather we get in Texas starts to heat up once more. With that said, now should be the time to check your air conditioning unit to see if any changes to it are necessary.

Even if you feel your unit still runs well and doesn’t need repairs or fixes, you can also consider making upgrades to it.

Yes, most air conditioning units can receive upgrades courtesy of Houston A/C repair specialists. Upgrades are made to improve the functionality and performance of your unit so that it can work better or more efficiently than ever before. Upgrades can make your unit more convenient, and in others, they are designed to help save you money by helping the machine conserve energy. Upgrades, however, are only recommended when your AC repairman finds them necessary, and will only be recommended if he or she feels that your unit is not in need of repairs or replacements.

Here are three types of upgrades that an air conditioning unit is capable of receiving:

Air Filter

Every air conditioning unit comes with a base-level filter that is made to filter out hair, dust, and other particles while your system is running. Air filters do their job well, but higher quality filters can also be bought to replace normal filters. Every few months, you will have to change your filter so it can be cleaned, and oftentimes, changing it can be very filthy.

Air filters need to be changed, however, so that the unit can continue to run as it should. What a clogged filter will do is reduce the flow of air and spread dust around, both of which can be detrimental to your unit.

Air filters are considered upgrades, as you can buy filters that are better than the filters that your air conditioner originally came with.

You can also consider buying an electronic air filter, which ionizes particles that travel through the filter. Electronic filters also make it less worrisome for you to have to replace the filter.

Zone Control Systems

If you have a centralized air conditioner, it will generate hot or cold air in one room, and then use ducts to spread that air throughout the home. Homeowners with these centralized air conditioners enjoy being able to have one temperature across all rooms of their house. Zone control systems make this possible when you install a number of shutters of valves in key locations in your ventilation system.

When you adjust each one, you can change the temperature for every room in the home. That means you can choose to disable cool air in certain areas of the home in order to reduce your monthly energy bills. This is a great upgrade to your air conditioner that can help save you money during the hot summer.


Thermostats are meant to last a number of years before you need to replace them for your air conditioner. If yours is still going after ten years or more, it’s great you got a lot of mileage out of it. Newer thermostats, however, come with more and advanced features that homeowners are sure to love. For one, you are able to adjust the thermometer remotely via Wi-Fi, from either your smartphone or computer. This is considered an upgrade for air conditioners worth considering.