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HVAC Hybrid System

Three Reasons to Buy an HVAC Hybrid System

Many homeowners, especially in Texas, still own standalone air conditioners for cooling during the summer. However, there are times during the winter where nights can get rather chilly, and you would like a heater or furnace to help you sleep comfortably.

If you don’t have a furnace and your air conditioner has problems or is in its twilight years, you can consider getting a hybrid or 2-in-1 system. These systems have the ability to both heat and cool air in your home, so you can rely on just one system for both air conditioning and heating.

These hybrid systems are also easy to use as well, just by setting a target room temperature on your thermostat, your HVAC system will aim to get to that temperature depending on the temperature of your home’s air currently.

Here are the benefits of owning an HVAC hybrid system:

Hybrid Systems Save More Energy Than Standalone Furnaces

The way an HVAC hybrid system works is somewhat different from a traditional furnace. HVAC hybrid systems can actually switch from just electricity to electricity and gas, depending on which method is more necessary at the time of use.

These systems also have different “modes” per se that the system chooses on its own depending on how cold the indoor air is. The “heat pump mode” is for mild drops in temperature, whereas furnace mode is for unexpected larger drops down to icy-cold temperatures. The “furnace mode” requires more energy over heat pump mode, but thankfully, “furnace mode” will only turn on when you need it.

These hybrid systems are great for Texas homes in winter, as you won’t need the energy of a furnace to heat your home for most of the time, but you can when you do!

Hybrid Systems Allow You to Save Money on Maintenance

HVAC hybrid systems are nice to own solely because homeowners only have to manage one system rather than two. This means only one unit to manage and one unit to repair when something happens to it.

It’s always possible for homeowners to have both their air conditioner and furnace break down in the same year, if not back-to-back years, and this can really be a money-drainer to have both units repaired or replaced. If something were to happen with your heating or cooling in a hybrid system, you’ll only have to have a repairman fix it just once for everything to be working optimally.

Case in point, hybrid system is easier to maintain and can save you plenty of money on repair costs.

Hybrid Systems Have Never Been Safer

While electricity is the primary fuel source for HVAC hybrid systems, it also uses gas as a secondary source. Gas is needed to effectively heat and cool in spite of extremely hot or cold indoor air, yet not much gas is expended as it works in conjunction with electricity. This makes the HVAC hybrid system overall more reliable, as it limits how much natural gas it uses that could otherwise be detrimental to the home in one way or another. Compared to 100 percent gas powered units, hybrid units can be just as effective with much less gas usage.

The best air conditioner Houston has to offer is none other than a cooling and heating hybrid, simply because it can work to keep you warm during the winter in addition to keeping you cool during the summer. To avoid having to manage a standalone furnace this winter, upgrade to an HVAC hybrid system for comfortable indoor air all year round.