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The Importance of Changing and Maintaining Air Filters

Air filters contain fibrous materials which trap solid particles over a period of time. Their main function is to maintain a healthy and clean environment for the interiors by filtering out dust and other pollutants. Air filters accumulate dust and as a result their efficiency decreases.

The airflow degrades because of the fibrous membrane on the filters become clogged with dirt and dust particles. If the air filters are not changed for a long period of time, then the efficiency of the Air Conditioner decreases.

This in turn causes the cooling coil to freeze in the system as it is working more than it should be in order to produce air that is cool. If this condition is left for a long time, the system will end up being damaged due to added pressure. A damaged system doesn’t function correctly and needs to be replaced or repaired, which inadvertently costs a lot more money than an air filter replacement. Therefore, it is always advisable to clean the air filters as frequently as possible.

The Solution

Homeowners have the option of choosing a service company that provides air conditioner maintenance services. Most common services offered by such companies are

  • Air conditioning repair
  • Air conditioning installation
  • Air conditioning maintenance
  • Heating furnace repair

Some of the common air conditioning faults that these service companies can repair are the low refrigerant fan motor replacements, which is done when the motor becomes dysfunctional.

Air conditioning maintenance services include:

  • Monthly replacement of air filters
  • Anti-Freezing Check in AC
  • Air Filter cleaning
  • Wire and Tube maintenance

It is recommended to conduct AC maintenance on at least a monthly basis. People should also ensure that their AC is replaced by a company that is certified and trained in the installation services on air conditioners as they provide expert advices on how to effectively maintain the longevity of their air conditioners.

In order to improve the efficiency of their air conditioning unit, it is crucial to choose a qualified AC repair and maintenance company that has the required expertize to deliver qualitative services time and again. For more information on the variety of quality services offered by repair and maintenance company, click here.