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A/C repair in Houston

Five Strategies For Maintaining Peak Performance From Your Air Conditioner In Houston

Houston is known for its sweltering summer heat and humidity. Most of us rely on air conditioning units to keep us cool and comfortable to beat the heat. But if you’re not properly maintaining your AC system, you could be causing more harm than good. Here are five strategies for keeping your AC running at peak performance in Houston’s hot climate.

1. Change Your Air Filter Regularly

Now more than ever, A/C repair in Houston is essential for keeping your air conditioner running smoothly. One of the most important strategies for maintaining peak performance from your air conditioner is to change the filter regularly. This allows proper airflow and helps to keep dust, pet hair, and other particles out of the ac unit, which can cause major ac problems down the road. Additionally, A/C repair in Houston professionals suggest changing your A/C filter every few months or when it appears clogged with dirt or debris. Doing so will help keep your A/C unit in excellent shape and ensure that cool air is circulated throughout your home while preventing costly A/C repairs and replacements.

2. Clean Vents & Coils Regularly

Your AC unit’s vents should be cleaned regularly to remove dust buildup, which can reduce airflow into the home and cause the system to work harder than necessary. Additionally, the outdoor coils must be kept clean to absorb heat from the outside air as efficiently as possible. To clean these areas, use a vacuum cleaner with an attachment hose or a soft brush that won’t damage sensitive parts of the unit, such as fan blades or fins on the coils.

3. Schedule Annual Maintenance Visits

Having a professional technician come out once a year to inspect your HVAC system is an important step in ensuring it performs well during Houston’s hot summers. During these visits, technicians will check refrigerant levels, inspect moving parts such as fans and belts for wear and tear, lubricate bearings where necessary, check thermostat settings, adjust blower components as needed, and look for any other signs of potential problems before they become bigger issues down the road.

4. Consider Adding Insulation Around Ductwork

In many homes in Houston with ducted systems (i.e., those with vents/registers on interior walls), insulation isn’t used around ductwork in unconditioned spaces such as attics or basements/crawl spaces due to local code requirements or cost considerations during installation/construction of new homes). This lack of insulation means that heated or cooled air escapes through those areas of ductwork instead of reaching its intended destination inside the home – thus resulting in higher energy bills due to wasted energy! To prevent this issue, consider adding insulation around all exposed ductwork wherever possible; this will help maintain temperatures inside each room while reducing energy costs over time!

5. Upgrade Your Thermostat

Thermostats play an important role in managing how often your AC runs throughout the day – if you have an old model (or none at all!), consider upgrading it with one that has features like scheduling capabilities allowing you to set temperature preferences based on time-of-day so that you don’t waste energy by cooling/heating when no one is home! Additionally, newer models may have built-in Wi-Fi connectivity so users can control their HVAC from anywhere using their smartphone device, making it even easier to stay comfortable without wasting energy!


Taking care of your HVAC system is key for maintaining peak performance during Houston’s hot summers – proper maintenance will help save money and increase efficiency, which means fewer repairs over time! By following these five strategies – changing filters regularly; cleaning vents & coils; scheduling annual maintenance visits; adding insulation around ductwork; & upgrading thermostats – homeowners in Houston can ensure their systems run all summer smoothly while saving money & energy! With just a few simple steps, you can enjoy cool comfort indoors while saving yourself some extra cash this summer!

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