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How to Stay Cool at Night Without an Air Conditioner?

Summer can cause you to sweat buckets as you sleep, which can cause you to sleep very uncomfortably at night and leave you feeling perspired and gross when you awaken. Another problem comes in the form of needing to wash your sheets more often than before. Your ceiling fan might make the room cooler, but not cool enough to keep you from sweating, and if your air conditioner does not reach the second floor of your home, you likely do not have other ideas.

Fortunately, you can contact air conditioning repair Houston, TX to explore options for how to configure your air conditioning setup to include your bedroom. In the meantime, there are some tips we do have for you for how to stay cool at night during the Summer without an air conditioner. They are as follows:

Use Breathable Bed Sheets

Ensure you are using natural, breathable sheets for your bed. Polyester is a synthetic material that traps heat, and flannel and wool are definitely too much for the Summer time. Cotton and linen are two options that help keep you cool as you sleep, as they allow heat to escape from underneath just fine. If you have breathable sheets already, consider these other suggestions.

Close Your Shades During the Day

It takes a long time for a room to cool down after it’s been exposed to heat. You likely feel this way each day getting in your car after work, so you already know how this will feel. When it comes to your bedroom, you can close your windows and blinds before you leave for work, and keep them closed until you get home. In the evening, open the windows and try to get some cross-ventilation going. The idea is that you should try to make the room as cool and as dark as possible throughout the day. The results come in the form of enjoying a cooler night’s sleep.

Be Selective with What You Turn on At Night

Things in your house can affect how you sleep at night: from the appliances you use to even the lights. The cooler your house is, the cooler you will feel as you sleep. With this in mind, avoid cooking with the oven, turn off any lights that you don’t use, and use exhaust fans when you shower to get rid of all the steam that you make. Doing all these things should make your bedroom relatively colder.

Take A Cool Shower Before Sleep

As it gets closer to bedtime, your body temperature will drop. You can help it, however, by taking a shower, but with cold water. You will feel cooler as you have extra moisture on your skin. When you take a warm shower, your skin actually gets drier, which means it perspires more often, as a result.

Sleep with A Fan and A Bowl of Ice Water

It might seem rather archaic, but you might like the results even better than an air conditioner. Next to your bed, place a standalone fan, and between the two, a table or nightstand with a bowl of ice water. The fan should blow even cooler air over you as you sleep, making you feel refreshed and never sweat. Just be very careful with the water.


It can be annoying when you find yourself sweating at night, especially when your air conditioner does not cover your bedroom. Consider these various tips for how you can stay cool with no air conditioner, and consult with your Houston A/C specialist if cooling your bedroom at night is necessary.