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Regular Maintenance Tips to Increase your AC’s Life

AC maintenance usually entails taking care of parts like filters, coils, drains etc. These parts need to be cleaned regularly to ensure your unit’s optimum efficiency. Neglecting timely service and parts clean will not only put undue pressure on your unit but also ruin its performance over the years.

That being said, here are some important tips to maintain your AC on a regular basis.

Clean your air filters

Clogged filters can interfere with the normal air flow and reduce your AC’s cooling ability. Moreover, a dirty filter contaminates the air that carries these dirt particles directly to the evaporator coil, therefore dirtying the cooling coils. This is the reason it is very important to carry out air filter cleaning at least once a month.

Clean the evaporator coils

Not cleaning your air filters regularly will cause the debris and dirt to accumulate over the cooling coils. This layer of dirt covering the evaporator coils can affect the coils’ capacity to absorb heat, thus affecting the cooling process. According to Houston AC Repair service provider, it is important to get your evaporator coils cleaned at least once a year.

Condenser coil maintenance

In most cases, condenser coils are located outside the house. The outside environment filled with dust, rain, debris etc. can soil the condenser coils. As a result, it becomes increasingly difficult for the heat to dispel outside that puts an undue pressure on the compressor. Therefore, it is important to clean the condenser oil every year for it to work efficiently.

Cleaning aluminum fins

The dust and debris collected over aluminum fins must be cleaned regularly to protect the condenser and evaporator.

Unblock the rear drain

Get the rear drain checked for clogging. If it is blocked, then the water getting accumulated inside the AC will have no space left to leave. Therefore, it will start dripping in the room from any outlet it finds. When the water inside your unit is unable to dissipate, it will also increase the humidity levels inside your room.

Winter care for compressor units

Since you would not be using your AC during winter, it is best to cover up the compressor unit with a cloth to prevent dust and grime from entering inside the unit.

Prioritize regular AC maintenance

Right before the summer season begins, call in a professional AC service provider for a complete check of your unit. Perform a thorough clean up and also get it serviced for months of nonstop working.

While there are many simple maintenance tips you can do yourself, you should get your AC unit checked by a professional at least once a year. However, whenever you call an AC technician, make sure that they have all the AC parts like coils, drains, filters, fins etc. and perform the way they should. These simple checks will ensure that your AC repair and maintenance job is carried out with efficiency.