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Reasons to Change your Air Filter

As a machine, your air conditioner works all year long. It is bound to give in to some wear and tear caused due to regular use. However, a lot of your basic AC related issues can be overcome by paying attention to your AC’s repair and maintenance work.

According to many experts of Air Conditioner Service in Houston, the most basic thing that homeowners overlook is changing the filter of their HVAC units. Did you know that it must be replaced every month if you want your AC to function smoothly? Despite its importance, a clogged air filter is one of the most common reasons why people need AC repair. If only you understood the importance you would change these filters more often.

But don’t worry. In this article we will share the reasons why you should make it a priority ensure that your filters are replaced every month.

It helps in improving your indoor air quality

We breathe toxic air outside our homes, should we punish our lungs inside too? The answer is no. When you leave your HVAC filter to its own devices, it ends up accumulating dust, pollen, mold spores, and other such impurities that can affect the indoor air quality and make it harmful for the inhabitants. Your HVAC unit will spew this impure air that will float all around your house, making everyone sick, especially the ones suffering from breathing problems. This is the reason you must replace it often so that it doesn’t remain dirty or clogged.

It can make your unit work more efficiently

When your air filter is clogged with all the dust and grime, it has to work that much harder to pump the cool air. Additionally, it inhibits the air flow that makes your HVAC work harder and use more energy. But cleaning or replacing your air filter will overcome these problems and make your unit perform better with minimal effort.

Reduce your energy bills

As has been noted before, a unit that works hard to cool/heat your room will end up using more energy and also increase your utility bills. However, with a clean filter, you can reduce the workload of your unit and reduce your energy bills significantly. Luckily for you, the air filter costs very cheap, much cheaper than the extra energy used up by a clogged unit.

Extend the lifespan of your HVAC

You know what is the biggest disadvantage of a hardworking unit? Its reduced lifespan! The harder your unit has to work for a long period of time, the more it affects its life cycle. Not paying attention to these warning signs will either cause your unit to break down or make it stop working altogether. If you want to make sure that your unit lasts its entire life span, then consider changing the HVAC filters more often!

Now that you know the importance of HVAC filters, make sure you add it to your monthly maintenance routine.