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What No One Tells You about the Malfunctioning of Your Outdoor AC Unit

You locked the thermostat to 72 degrees, but the display states it is 75 inside. You get below the vents to sense any air, but there’s nothing you feel. So what’s going on?

To examine further, you must walk out to see if the outdoor unit of your AC is working in the first place. You might realize the fan isn’t turning. No clicks or sound — in fact, no activity at all.

Now you wonder why it stopped running.

All kinds of issues can make your AC outdoor system to stop working. Some of these issues are trivial. But others are big and you might need Houston air conditioning services to check the issue.

Here are a few obvious cases your AC outdoor unit might quit running out of the blue. Read on to find the four most common reasons.

  1. Poor Quality Contactors
  2. What would you do if your bathroom light switch baked up? You’d either have to bath in the dark or go get a new switch.

    Well, the contactor in your AC outdoor unit is similar to a switch that gets the Ac running. If it goes off – and they seldom do! – then your AC won’t work. You need to call an HVAC professional to replace it with a new contactor.

  3. Tripped Pressure Switch
  4. If your air conditioner is low on Freon (the refrigerant) it can lead to a tripped pressure switch. The AC won’t turn on when it doesn’t have sufficient refrigerant, and a technician will have to examine the unit to see what’s really going on.

    Your AC unit might just require Freon recharge. Or, if there is any leak or exposure, the technician might have to do a thorough search. In rare cases, you need to replace the whole outdoor unit.

  5. Baked up Disconnect Box
  6. Can you find that box fixed near the AC outdoor system? That’s known as the disconnect box. Seldom, the wiring in there can become wobbly and fire up the box. In fact, it can also fire up if a circuit breaker trips. Speaking of which…

  7. Bad Breaker
  8. Seldom, breakers can get overloaded and go wrong. You could have experienced this with less significant breakers – like the one that powers your blender. But when it occurs to the circuit breaker running your outdoor AC unit, it is very disturbing.

If you just see a tripped breaker, that’s something you can quickly set. Flip it back into its position and see if the AC outdoor unit works! It just might.

However, if the unit turns on but the breaker flips again, then don’t fix it the second time. There could be a direct short in the power system, and it is a security hazard.

If you are unsure what might be causing the issue, then it is best to get in touch with an experienced Houston air conditioning professional to check both the outdoor and indoor units of your AC and fix the issue.