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What No One Tells You about Air Conditioning System?

Air conditioner maintenance requires regular checkup and at times the hands of an expert professional to help repair it.

Air conditioners and the refrigerators are now seen as basic necessities in our homes. These machines sometimes break down or become faulty and you have to find a professional to perform Houston air conditioner repair.

Here are some basic things you need to know about air conditioners:

  • In case the cooling function of your air conditioner is not enough, you have to thoroughly clean the outdoor condenser or change the filter. You can easily do this by yourself. If it fails after doing it call for service to have the problem further investigated and due repairs done. Also, note that there is a big possibility that the AC system could be doing the best it can during moments of extreme heat.
  • All air conditioners have filters.  The AC filter needs to be cleaned or changed on a regular basis to help ensure that it filters air properly and prevents dirt from getting into the indoor coil.
  • Always ensure that the outdoor condenser is kept clean. Remember to keep the AC off when doing the cleaning. Remove all dirt using a water hosepipe that has a nozzle spray when rinsing it. It is recommended to start at the top as you move downwards.
  • During summer, in case frost is present on the indoor or outdoor pipes, it implies your air conditioning system is frozen. It will therefore not be in a position to cool properly and you need to thaw it in order to resolve the problem. The quickest way to do this is by turning on the fan while having the AC off. Warm air will be forced over the ice and that way it gets thawed more easily. The root problem, in this case, could be the filter having dirt. Change your filter to see if the problem gets resolved and if not call for service.
  • Don’t set the AC’s thermostat lower than 70 degrees for it won’t cool any faster. This could eventually freeze up the AC system and lead to more serious problems.
  • Keep in mind the outdoor and indoor air temperatures generally have a difference of 20 degrees difference. If the temperatures are so high outside, the air conditioner will have to struggle to lower the temperatures or run all through as it tries to meet the demand.
  • Regarding your outdoor unit, plant new bushes 24-36 inches away from it. If there are any mature bushes, get them trimmed to at least 12-18 inches away. The reason behind this is that the unit needs free air circulation around it.
  • Do not place things such as a shade, fence, awning etc above the outdoor unit because air over the AC should be allowed to flow freely without any form of obstruction.
  • Always keep curtains as well as the blinds closed on house’s west side during the summer.
  • In case the refrigerant leaks, you can locate the leak in the outdoor or indoor equipment, or sometimes in the copper lines connecting the two pieces. Some leaks can be repaired while some are irreparable.

There is a lot more you can learn about air conditioning systems and how to take good care for them. In case of any issues that you cannot handle, call the service unit for Houston air conditioner repair.