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With the warmer weather being welcomed in both home and business premises, owners do not want to have any problems with their air conditioning units.

With that being said, it will become imperative that the unit is thoroughly checked by a reliable and reputable technician. Generally, consumers encounter problems with their air conditioners when their system stops functioning altogether.

When this happens, your family and employees are denied the cold air that they are seeking when the weather has turned hot and sticky. There are several different trouble spots that can cause your air conditioner to stop working.

If you find that this is so with your unit and you live in the state of Texas, you will discover that you will have no problem contacting an expert that is trained to providing Houston AC repair services to its residents. One of the most important things that consumers need to be aware of is the fact that their air conditioner requires annual maintenance.

It is of extreme necessity to have the professional technicians come out and check out your system in order to determine if it does indeed require a tune-up. This is because once the summer weather comes locked and loaded, the unit could begin giving you problems. It is important to realize that the system’s filters and coils will become caked with dust and when this happens the dust prevents them from cooling the air properly. This same dust will then have a great impact on the system’s fans and the compressor thus, preventing the unit from delivering the cool air into the atmosphere as it should.

When your unit is being maintained the technician will be able to look for any loose screws or bolts that will need to be tightened. Many consumers may not realize the loose screws and bolts can work their way into the internal components of the system and become the direct cause of a premature death.

Your air conditioner also has what is known as a temperature-sensitive monitor and it is possible that it can get dislocated or stop working altogether. When your unit is examined by a highly-skilled and certified technician, he will be able to determine if this is one of the culprits that is causing your air conditioner to not work as it has been designed to do. Very often the technician discovers that the sensor has moved too close to the coils and this will cause a misreading in the temperature, making it cool the air less often. Once the sensor is readjusted the air conditioner will once again begin to work properly.

There are many different reasons as to why your air conditioner may stop functioning, as it should. One of those reasons could be related to the system’s refrigerant. If the technician determines that this is the case, one of the factors could be from lack of coolant. It may not have received enough coolant at the initial installation, or even worse, it’s leaking coolant.

Once refrigerant is exposed to the open air it can be harmful to not only the environment but also to an individual’s health. Because your air conditioner is located outside your home it has to have a drain that will siphon off water buildup from rain and humidity. Once this drain becomes clogged, it no longer functions properly and will begin backing up inside your unit.

Therefore, if you have an air conditioning unit, one of your primary concerns should be to have a qualified and reputable technician come to your residence or place of business and give your unit a complete examination and tune-up so that you can have the peace of mind in knowing that you are prepared for the warmer weather.