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Learn the Tips to Protect Your AC From Hurricane & Storm

Hurricane or storm can be dangerous and your air conditioner needs to be protected too as it can be severely damaged, in case left unprotected. But, how? To help you hurricane-proof your AC, here are some simple yet effective tips.

Before the storm
Before the storm arrives, you need to follow 3 simple steps to make your system ready for a hurricane or storm. These steps will save a lot of money, time and stress in the future.

  1. If you’ve a split AC with the outside unit on the ground, the system should be installed on a concrete pad and bolted to the concrete with hurricane straps. This will secure your system and prevent it from going airborne during a hurricane or storm.
  2. Install a surge protector to protect the important electrical components of your AC. Also, turn it off before the storm arrives.
  3. Cover the AC unit with a tarp or homemade plywood structure to protect it from becoming damaged.

During the storm
Following the above tips will help you protect the unit during storm. Also, you must make sure that you turn off the power of the thermostat and the circuit breaker to avoid any electrical power surges or shock.

However, there are certain things you must do after the storm as well and they are equally important.

After the storm passes
Before running your system, inspect it properly and make sure that everything is okay.

Here is a checklist for you to inspect:

  • Ensure that the system wasn’t underwater
  • Remove the tarp from the system and make sure that there are no signs of damage
  • Remove the accumulated debris, if any and check if there is any damage to the refrigerant and electrical lines running from your AC

Though you can check the system yourself, it is always better to get it checked by professionals. In case you’re looking for professional services for your air conditioner in Houston, you can contact our certified technicians.