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How Do You Know That Your Air-conditioning System Needs Repairs?

It isn’t hard to tell if your air conditioning unit needs to be fixed. However, if you’re just getting started with ACs, you may miss some clues, assuming it’s normal. And sometimes, you may ignore thinking it’s something small, till it goes out of hand.

An air conditioning unit comes in handy when the summer heat strikes; it makes the hot season tolerable. Imagine how hard these months could be without an AC? These systems work to keep you cool throughout summer. However, when they are not running to their full potential, then a professional repair should be sorted for.

Failing to fix your AC can result in lots of problems. For instance, your energy consumption levels will go up, because the system is working twice or thrice as hard as it’s supposed to. Also, you won’t get the cooling that you hoped for. And worst of all is the problem can quickly escalate into a serious one that causes unit failure, or that will need more money to fix.

However, before you even think about Houston air conditioning repair, the most important thing to consider should be the professionals you choose to work with. You should ensure that they are qualified technicians, with the much-needed experience to fix your unit. This way, you can relax knowing your equipment is being handled by experts. Having amateur take care of the system can result in more damage, and is highly discouraged.

A professional diagnostic Houston air conditioning repair includes:

  • Visual assessment of all components in the air conditioning
  • Performance test on the entire unit
  • Charging state and unit control tests
  • Dye detection
  • Leak test

Signs that your AC unit needs repairs

Some signs will be more evident than others. When you know what to look out for, you’ll be sure not to miss any clue. This is important as you’ll manage to catch the issue when it’s still manageable. You also will help prevent health issues as some of these damages could bring harm to you and your loved ones.

Poor airflow

If you realize little or weak airflow across the vents of your system, then that could indicate there’s an issue with the compressor. And if some parts of the rooms are cooler than the others (not even temperature), then there could be a problem with the ductwork. All these are signs that your system needs attention.

No cool air

There are times when you realize that the room is still hot, even though your AC is running. This shows that your system is failing. No cool air might be due to a failing compressor or too low Freon levels.


When there’s leakage or moisture near or around your unit, then there’s a problem. Leaks from the AC unit can due to two reasons: refrigerant leak (which is severe even to your health) or a broken or blocked drain tube.

Thermostat issues

You can tell that your system has thermostat issues when some parts of the room are cold, while others are still at the same temperature.

With continued use, the system may have some debris buildup, which causes obstruction. It’s therefore essential to have your unit cleaned to restore its efficiency.