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Why Do HVAC Systems Need Replacing?

HVAC systems are centrally controlled systems that provide either cooler air and temperatures or warmer conditions as well. These are widely used and are usually a long-term consumable good, with many air-conditioning units lasting even up to 20 years. However, one may find that after a certain period, the A/C unit might not work as well due to a myriad of factors that might make it difficult to restore the item back to its original state.













#1: Daily wear and tear

Using of HVAC systems will definitely have an impact on the overall wear on tear on the machine over time. Firstly, apart from the dirt and dust that might accumulate in remote nooks or crannies on the machine, the A/C unit might suffer cracks or signs of yellowing (if the A/C design is white) that might affect the look and performance of the machine.

#2: Erosion of piping

Years of usage of HVAC systems will create opportunities for the piping to either rust or react with the water that flows through it over time, or even create leaks that might damage the external piping casing in the home. Replacing the piping might sometimes be the only way to go when considering ways to improve the piping capabilities. However, this only happens after a very prolonged time from installation of the HVAC.

#3: External damage on compressor

Occasionally, some damage on the compressor might cause the entire HVAC system to malfunction, requiring a replacement of the entire system as the compressor is usually only compatible with same-brand or same-model A/C units. Thus a change on the entire system is usually warranted.

#4: New models and technologies

With many competitor brands around, many A/C manufacturing companies are increasingly integrating latest technology within their products, thereby increasing the need for homeowners to upgrade their A/C units to get the best result. While this may not happen as often, there is still a noticeable tendency for people to prefer new A/C technologies for their home from time to time.

If you are unsure on whether you’re A/C requires replacing, we will be happy to do an assessment for you.