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How to Maintain And Repair Air Conditioners?

How to Maintain And Repair Air Conditioners?

Your air conditioner is one of the most costly appliances in your home. So, it is very important that you perform some regular maintenance on this machine. Moreover, if you take good care of your air conditioner, it will run efficiently and work for years to come. Apart from that you won’t have to pay repair bills that can often be exceptionally high. This is the reason why, it is necessary to take some steps so that you can prevent your A/C from getting damaged.

1) You must make sure that you check your unit’s hoses at least two times per year. It’s better that you do it in the spring and the fall. You must also take a close look to see if you can spot any leaks in the hoses. If you find a leak in the hose you can either try to mend it yourself or call a professional for the repairs before they get bigger.

2) Furthermore, you would also need to keep an eye on the compressor. You must make sure that you clear out any leaves, dirt or debris from the compressor so that the unit runs smoothly. The compressor is the costliest part of any air conditioning unit, so you must make sure that it is cleaned at regular intervals. As it is located outside, it can get dirty very easily. So, you must make sure that you check it and clean off any debris that has accumulated on the top of the compressor at least once in a month.

3) During winter months, you must definitely keep the compressor covered. You can even pick up an inexpensive air conditioner cover from your local home improvement store or through an online retailer. By doing this you will be able to protect your compressor from snow and rain during the fall and winter seasons.

4) Make sure that you call an air conditioning service every year. You must also not forget to ask them to clean the ducts of your machine. As it is a complicated job you won’t be able to do it all by yourself. Moreover, if you hire a professional service they will be able to clean the ducts perfectly and will also make sure that the entire machine is still running well.

So, if you are looking for air conditioning repair service in Houston, TX you will find a number of companies that will offer you the best service. But, before hiring any service you must make sure that the company is reliable and have the necessary experience in the Air Conditioner repair and maintenance field.