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How To Know When Your A/C Needs Emergency Services

Air Conditioning (AC) units are also like a delicate ecosystem that require maintenance from time to time. However, there will be certain instances where the AC would require immediate attention as prolonging the usage, may inflict further damage to the unit.

Here are 5 signs to look for if you’re trying to figure out whether emergency services are required.

A/C Emergency Services

1. The AC unit is leaking water.

This is a situation that AC consumers face most often. This is usually caused due to blockages within the unit or its connecting pipes, that might obstruct the condensed water from flowing out.

However, this issue can have a negative impact in the long run as the water leaking from the AC might cause damage to the unit itself. The water that is leaking out from the unit can also dampen the walls or ruin any furniture that is in the vicinity of the water.

Your best bet is to consult expert AC Repair technicians and have them effectively address the problem.

2. The AC is not Cooling

If you’ve come across any instance where your AC is working but not cooling as it should, then it is most likely that coolant gas needs to be topped up.

The coolant part resides inside the AC unit. Therefore, you should not try to open the unit yourself as it can cause damage to the unit as well as yourself. To refuel coolant, you should consult AC repair and maintenance contractors. They have skilled technicians who are well trained and equipped to deal with any repair or servicing work for your AC.

3. It is making weird or disruptive noises.

There could be a variety of reasons for the AC to make rattling noises or beeps. Due to the wide possibilities in diagnosis, it is usually not recommended for an untrained eye to try to solve the issue. The ideal way to quickly solve this problem is to contact the emergency services.

4. The Pipe system has Ruptured

Water seepage in the AC pipes, is a very serious issue that requires immediate attention. This is because the moisture that the AC unit is collecting, flows everywhere in your house instead of the drainage system.

The proper tools and equipment required for the rectification of this problem, is only available to the service technicians. So, you should immediately contact the emergency services to quickly fix the issue.

5. AC Compressor is Damaged.

Damages on the compressor are usually brought about by external elements, such as extreme weather (extreme heat or hail) as well as occasional animal intrusions. If the compressor is damaged, then it may lead to the damage of the motherboard of the unit.

If you find your compressor to be damaged, then you should quickly consult the AC repair services to assess the situation and fix the compressor without damaging the entire unit itself.

If you’re looking for AC repair or emergency maintenance services, you should contact us today.