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How Proper Repair and Maintenance Extend Your Air Conditioner’s Life

Air conditioners today are more of a necessity rather than a symbol of opulence. Keeping your home cool is not always easy and you should have plenty of admiration for the appliance that makes it possible. In order to get reliable and long time performance out of your AC, you should use it in an effective manner. This means making rational temperature choices and giving your air conditioner the regular repair and maintenance it needs. Following are some important details that must be followed:

One effective maintenance task that needs no expertise whatsoever is to make sure that all your AC equipment is drawing air properly. Check the condensers and fans regularly for obstructions that might be caused by loose debris or any other waste material. Keep the area around your air conditioner clean. 

The regular check up of your external air conditioner should also extend to keeping your plants in control. You might not see any problem in a leaf or a stalk of grass that is starting to poke into your system but a few days’ worth of growth can turn a no issue into a serious maintenance problem.

Trim back all the plants in the lawn and abstain from planting plants close to your air conditioner. Your air conditioners need to be kept secure against the intrusion of feral animals. The unit makes an enticing shelter for a variety of different animals and birds but the combination of animals with moving equipment and electricity is a dangerous one. Make sure that the air conditioners grilles and covers are all secured against the intrusion of birds, rats and all the other animals.

Call AC maintenance Houston and get repaired any holes as soon as you find them. 

Repair the filters in your air conditioner system at least thrice a year. If it has reusable filters, clean them according to the given directions. Don’t forget that you may need to replace or clean your blower filters if there is a lot of dust in the atmosphere. Use a sturdy brush to clean the gathered debris and dust off the evaporator coil. This job is best performed by AC maintenance Houston once a year before the start of the summer season.

AC intakes should be cleaned by bleach or a shampoo. This should be done at roughly four months interval. This eliminates potential clogs and unpleasant odor and prevents mold from growing. Before the onset of summer season, turn your air conditioning system to full blast to make sure that it is producing enough cold air and listen carefully for any unusual sounds. Identifying a potential problem early and fixing it before your air conditioner is needed will be the most effective way to keep it working efficiently. A properly working air conditioning system is the best investment. It is definitely worth a little bit of your money and time to see that your unit gets the repair it needs.

Being diligent about the maintenance of AC unit in Houston also helps to keep its repair costs down and saves you a lot of money in the long run.