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How can you save money on A/C repairs?

Research has shown that heating and air conditioning make up almost half of the energy usage in the average home. Hence, it is necessary to ensure that your AC is running efficiently as well as effectively. So you must choose between monthly high energy costs and the money spent on repairs. Here are some tips for maintaining your AC so that you can save on the expenses paid for A/C service in Houston.

Pay close attention to its functioning.

Make sure that you constantly check on how your AC is operating so that you can pick up signs of failure in the unit and know when you need A/C service in Houston. Also, check for any irregular noises and watch out for negative signs like a leaking compressor, warm air coming from vents, inconsistent temperatures between rooms, and a blower motor that isn’t cycling.

Regularly change the filters.

Ensure that you keep your filters clean so that air can flow freely in and out of the unit in order to make the cooling effect order. Remember that the filters should be replaced in order to prevent dust and other particles from clogging up your unit.

Run your AC only when needed.

It is crucial that you adjust your thermostat to the relevant temperatures depending on whether you are in the house or not. The temperatures may be kept low at home and slightly higher when you are away. This will put less strain on your AC unit, thus helping it operate for longer without needing repair.

A/C maintenance plans

Many big HVAC companies offer preventative maintenance plans that may include regular A/C check-ups for identifying any signs of wear and tear. Such maintenance plans help prevent future problems by recognizing and fixing them before your AC unit breaks down.

Regulating your fan speed

Ensure that you keep the A/C fan speed low on very humid days. This allows air to flow slowly through the unit, thus removing moisture and making your home more comfortable.

Energy-efficient A/C unit

When purchasing a new A/C unit, you can invest in new energy-efficient units to reduce your energy costs by half and save you on inevitable costly repairs. You can look for A/C units with a high seasonal energy efficiency ratio value.

Regular cleaning

Accumulating dirt and debris in your air conditioner unit and compressor creates pressure on the compressor, thus generating more cold airflow into the building. So to avoid this and help the unit run smoothly, proper ventilation is required to allow the hot and cool air to flow without interruption. This can be achieved by regular cleaning to facilitate it to function effortlessly and without creating excess pressure on the outdoor unit.

Avoid plastic

Avoid using plastic covers to protect the air conditioner as the plastic will not allow it to breath. It can also trap the air to flow out and in due to which there can be a total system failure. So always use a cover made of breathable material.

Summing up

Therefore, follow these tips strictly in order to save on costly A/C repairs. However, breakdowns can happen, and you may need repair service at some point. So make sure you look for expert technicians that are always ready to help you when in need of repairs.

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