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How Can I Reduce My summer Energy Costs?

Summers often remind us of bright sunlight, ice cream and perhaps even the beaches. However, Summers also entail scorching heat and perspiration that leads us running for shelters and air conditioning.

During this time of the year, the weather can also make electricity bills soar as well. If you want to avoid high expenditures on electricity bills, follow these 5 simple cost saving tips today.

Reduce Energy Costs

1. Block out as much heat and light

In order to prevent overuse of air conditions and other forms of cooling systems during summers, all heat and light entering the home must be kept to a minimum. This means, pulling down black-out shades or curtains, using solar film, or installing insulation that keeps heat out. This allows temperatures inside the home to remain relatively coolers than the environment outside and creates lesser need for us to turn our thermostats way down low.

2. Keep AC filters clean

Ensuring efficiency for your air conditioning system means that your AC unit itself is clean and running optimally. Having clogged filters means that the A/C would have to work twice as hard just to cool the indoors. Overload on the compressor means more power utilization which results in higher electricity bills.

So, it is often advised by experts, that the filters should be cleaned from time to time, especially before summers begin.

3. Keep your thermostat temperature close to outside temperature

While this might go against our notions of air conditioning uses, keeping your indoor temperature closer in number to outside can have a drastic effect in reducing energy costs, as systems do not have to work very hard to cool the space to the desired temperature. Even a small increment in this aspect (such as 1 degrees lower or higher) can have a very big effect on the energy used.

4. Service Your AC regularly

Summers also means ACs are used constantly to quell heat. These systems might even be made to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! As such, summers are the period where a lot of AC breakdowns are reported.

To prevent any downtime for your AC, it is best to hire professionals to service your air-conditioning system regularly. You can also take some time out to clean the air vents of your AC unit frequently by wiping them with brushes or a wipe cloth.

5. Plug up any open holes in your home.

A/C systems work well in an enclosed environment, where the air is allowed to circulate without any external disruptions. Such disruptions can come in the form of an open window or door.

It is a good idea to keep them closed while you are running the AC to prevent any hot air from flowing in. Check the spaces to see if there are any hidden open holes that you might have missed, such as a broken wall part or feature.

Stick to these tips during summers and you’re sure to end up saving a considerable amount by the end of the summers.