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The Future of Air Conditioning

The ability to control the temperature inside of our homes is something that many of us have learned to take for granted. We come in from a 90° day to a cool and comfortable house. Or, you trudge in from temperatures that are below 0 to a space that is warm and cozy. Different types of heating systems have been around much longer than air-conditioning. This is something that was born out of necessity. It’s much easier to survive temperatures that are too hot than it is to survive temperatures that are way too cold. Air-conditioning systems have come a long way from the older window models that we all used to depend on. With the introduction of central air, we found an effective way to cool our entire homes. Central air involves one large air-conditioner that hooks into the ductwork of your home. It uses a fan system to blow cold air throughout your house anytime that a sensor indicates that it’s necessary.


Older models were extremely expensive, and cost quite a bit to run. One of the most frequent complaints when it comes to air-conditioning systems is the added amount on the utility bills. Air-conditioners are usually hooked into your electrical grid. In extremely hot months, they can run almost continuously. This can get really expensive, especially when your home isn’t designed to be energy-efficient. Being energy-efficient means that your home is able to maintain a steady temperature without losing thermal energy to the outside. This involves things like excellent insulation and Windows that don’t allow air to escape. If you have a drafty house, you’re going to see your energy bill climb during the summer.

Even the highest quality energy-efficient air-conditioning system won’t save you from a house that isn’t maintained. If the air can escape, then the temperature won’t stay stable. Another thing to remember is that regular maintenance is important. You should call for air-conditioner repair in Houston at least once every season. They can perform standard maintenance, and keep your system up and running like it should. There’s nothing worse than a surprise breakdown that results in uncomfortable conditions. It’s much cheaper to maintain your system then it is to call for emergency services.

Over the last decade we’ve become very focused on how our use of energy affects the environment. Global warming has caused temperatures all over the world to steadily climb. Because of this, we’re seeing a new need for air-conditioning technology. We are finding more efficient ways to cool our home, and to keep it that way.

The industry is starting to focus on the amount of energy the air-conditioners are using. On top of making our homes more energy efficient, we’re also finding new ways to power the AC units. Scientists have been looking at everything from magnetism to replacing refrigerants with a saline solution. One of the most likely innovations will be the use of solar energy. Solar power has been growing by leaps and bounds, and we can expect to see it used for a variety of different household items. With the air-conditioning units being located outside, it makes perfect sense to allow them to absorb their energy from the sun.

The heat from the sun can be used to complete many of the internal processes that cool our homes. This will reduce emissions, and our energy consumption by quite a bit. There are also natural methods that are being considered as smart alternatives to traditional air-conditioning units. Many scientists are looking at technology from our ancestors, and the ways that they kept themselves cool in extreme conditions. We can expect to see a plethora of innovations in the near future.