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Five Types of Air Conditioners to Consider in Houston

If you are looking to get a new air conditioner, you’ll be shocked at how many kinds of units are available for homes and businesses today. Many of them come with unique benefits and/or are installed in alternate ways. If you aren’t sure what kind of air conditioning system you want next, it can take some time to figure out what your home will need the most every summer.

In this article, you’ll come across all the kinds of air conditioners available, both traditional and new. You will also find that some can be more helpful to you and your home than others.

Window A/C

Window air conditioners are air conditioners that are situated inside a window, likely in a kitchen, where it will gather warm outdoor air, turn it cold, and blow that cold air directly into the room. These units use little power, and all their tech is confined into a single box, but they do a fairly good job of providing a room with cold air, while possibly reaching adjacent rooms in the home, depending on how it is designed.

Central A/C

Central air conditioners are a newer type of air conditioner that feels like providing a unit for every room in the home. Central AC involves a network of vents and coils set up throughout the home so that you have multiple sources of cold air, rather than just from a single unit. The air flows using a compressor with a large amount of power so that every room gets cool.

Split System A/C

A split system involves a condenser and a dead unit, one installed outdoors and the other indoors. This system is considered an upgrade of a typical window air conditioner. These systems offer the cooling of a single room, but at a greater capacity. These are pricey units compared to window ACs, but they are highly efficient, so you will get a nice return on investment.

Packaged A/C

This is probably the A/C unit you might be most familiar with, if that isn’t the window A/C. A packaged A/C is a large unit where everything is installed on the roof, in a large box. That’s right, Houston A/C repair would install this unit on the roof of your home. Like a split system A/C, it blows large capacities of air that are capable of cooling multiple rooms. This unit, however, blows cold air through a ventilation system. This is a popular unit for industrial businesses, but homes can also enjoy them.

Hybrid A/C

Contrary to popular belief, a hybrid is not an air conditioner that also acts as a furnace, but one that uses both traditional energy and solar power. These types of air conditioners can be installed against the wall, outside your home, on the ceiling, etc. These units absorb energy with coils, and convert that energy to cool hot air. The hotter it is outside, the colder the air becomes. Best of all, these units can save you up to 30 percent on monthly energy costs, considering a part of it is powered by the sun.