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Five Troubleshooting Tips for Uneven Cooling In Central Air Conditioning

Multi-story homes often face the problems of uneven home cooling, which means that not every room will be cooled like you would prefer.

If you have central air conditioning, cool air should be able to reach every corner of the home without hassle, but eventually, there are bound to be problems here or there that involve air duct issues, contaminated filters, and worn-out systems that limit what the air conditioner can do in terms of cooling.

If your bedroom or another room of the home is no longer receiving cool air, read on to discover methods you can try to solve any and all uneven home cooling issues that you may be experiencing.

Switch Your Thermostat Fan From “Auto” To “On”

Most thermostats today will have “auto” settings. When you set your thermostat to “auto”, it will only run when it detects a need for it. When you set it to “on”, then it will run indefinitely. If you have uneven cooling in the home, you might need to switch your thermostat to “on” to ensure that cool air reaches every room.

Keeping your thermostat to the “on” setting will tack on an extra 50 to 20 dollars a month on your energy bills, however, so if you don’t feel this is a solution you want to go with, there are a few others to consider.

Check for Blocked or Dirty Vents

Blocked vents can simply come from furniture getting in the way of your ventilation, so you can simply rearrange your furniture to ensure that a certain room receives the air it needs. A dirty vent, however, is another story. If you can manage to open your vent and vacuum inside of it using an attachment, you should get your air conditioning back to normal. If these vents are hard to clean, you might need help from air conditioner repair Houston.

Check for Leaks in Air Ducts

If you feel that you aren’t receiving as much cold air in a room as you used to, there might be a leak inside the air duct when cold air is on its way to the room you want to cool. When air ducts have leaks in them, your air conditioning system will also work harder to try to make that room cool, creating another cause for concern in the form of your monthly expenses. If you feel that your air ducts are leaking cool air, hire an air conditioner repairman in Houston to take a look at your ventilation.

Invest an A Zoning System

A zoning system is a type of air conditioning system that allows you to regulate multiple temperatures for multiple areas in your home, rather than using one thermostat to control everything. Zoning systems are very valuable, but they are also efficient methods of dealing with uneven cooling in the home. The number of zones your home has will be dependent on your current situation with heating and cooling as well as how big your home is. Zoning systems are great for homeowners that want complete control over their cooling needs for each area of the home.

Upgrade Insulation in The Attic

Insulation in the attic is meant to keep cool air in the home and warm air out. If your insulation is wearing out, that could mean that your current insulation is failing to hold up, and your bedrooms will feel very warm compared to the lower floors of your home. You should consider putting in new insulation so that your upper floor can stay cool like before. You can have a contractor or HVAC specialist help you install new insulation.