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Factors to keep in mind while choosing an AC

An air conditioner can perform a multitude of functions. Though popularly seen as cooling device, an air conditioner is much more than that. It can act as an air purifier, humidity controller, a wholesome fan and also as a mosquito repellent! Irrespective of what climate you are residing in, an air conditioner will surely be of use. Used in offices and commercial spaces alike, an air conditioning unit is an extremely purposeful and useful machine. With advancement in technology new area, the functionality of air conditioners is ever expanding by the day.

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Here are a few things you should keep in mind while picking an air conditioner –

Area: Take into account the area of the room. This acts as the primary factor, while everything else follows. If it a small room, one air conditioner would suffice. Whereas, if the room is huge, you might have to fit in two air conditioners for the desired cooling and dehumidifying effect.

Climate: There are different types if ACs depending on the type of climate. An AC designed for dry climate might not work as effectively in a moisture filled climate. Hence, do not overlook the climatic conditions of where you reside in. Consult experts and talk to peers to understand what kind of AC should you choose for your unit.

Type: AC Contractors Houston can help you install and service any type of AC that you want affixed. The major types of ACs are – window AC, Wall Mounted AC, free standing AC, Built-In ACs and so on. Free standing ACs are the latest in the market. Its popularity comes from the fact that it is easily portable and can be fitted in any room – be it the kitchen or the bathroom. As to what type of AC you should install- it depends on the size of the room and type of space. Most commercial establishments like offices, shops, restaurants, malls, etc., go for built-in ACs which can cool a large area. Home owners, whereas, prefer wall-mounted or window units. The air flow and distribution of each type of AC is different. A wall mounted or split AC can offer more options for air distribution as compared to a window unit.

Efficiency: Energy efficiency factor in an AC ensures that the electricity bill is kept to a minimum. In summers, when ACs are kept running throughout the day and night, there is great possibility of incurred a Himalayan electricity tariff. So, when you buy an AC, be sure to check its energy efficiency. Though the initial cost of such an AC might be more than a normal one, think about all the money are going to save on electricity bills. How to know which is more energy efficient? Go for one with more stars. The more the stars, the more the efficiency.

Capacity: Whether you should a 1 Ton AC, a 1.5 Ton AC or a 2 Ton AC depends on the area of coverage. A standard room of 110 – 130 square feet will require a 1 Ton AC. It is good to have an expert view on this, as you will not want to regret later with an AC of a lesser capacity, which does not provide the required coolness.

Look: While window AC are always good, they might not look as elegant and pleasing as a wall mounted AC or a build-in unit. If look is a major concern, then choose one from good AC contractors in Houston wisely.