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Everything about air conditioners

Air conditioners are a life saver in the summer months especially in the south of the country where the temperatures get crazy. It is thus very important that we learn something about air conditioner maintenance. If you have a centralised air conditioning system, then you should start with scheduling a preventive maintenance check, most people do what they can do to keep their system running smoothly.

Schedule an inspection from a licensed contractor, after all the safety of the family and the house itself is important and is of primary importance. Changing of the filter should be done regularly and it should be checked monthly and should be changed monthly. If the system is a heat pump and runs both air conditioner and heating then it should be changed at least 12 times a year.


The house owner first needs to educate himself about the air conditioner and also about the filters. See, filters come in different shapes and sizes with different features and different materials as well.

There are some filters which have to be thrown away after use and then there are some filters that can be reused.

Home owners should read the manual to find out the kind of filter their system requires. There are disposable filters as well, they are easy to change and the home owner should know where to buy the original size of the filter.

System should be completely off: they should remove the filter and take it outside. It can be cleaned by a vacuum cleaner and then by washing it. Dip it in soapy water and rinse it off. It can help eliminating issues with the system.

While purchasing an air conditioner one should keep in mind that it will probably consume a lot of electricity. So while buying an air conditioner ensure that it has the features of energy saving. It might feel expensive at first, but will save a lot of money in the long run.

The size of the air conditioner is important as well, a smaller unit might not cool the room and a bigger unit for a small room will be wastage of money and power. Dirty clogged condensate drains hamper with the air conditioners ability to cool and control the airborne moisture. To increase the performance of your air conditioner you should use a pipe cleaner or stiff wire to clean it out.

Never let a contractor work with a signed contract and make sure to ask about the warranties, labour and parts of the air conditioner.

Another important factor is the efficiency rating, the higher the rating the better, compare units to determine the trade off between the cost of the system, the efficiency rating and probable savings in energy costs over time. If you happen to live in Houston, TX, then air conditioning repair in Houston TX may be able to help you out. The cheapest price may not always be the best choice, the problem with buying cheap air conditioners are they might not be energy efficient and their life and relevance in the market might also be bad.