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Essential HVAC Troubleshooting Tips

Sometimes your air conditioning unit, the ventilation, or the heating system can breakdown in such a way that makes you abandon your handyman tools and call Houston HVAC contractors. However, you can easily repair some common HVAC system problems at home without the need for expert input. Here are some essential tips to consider:

Whenever you have a problem with your air conditioning unit:

Check the Air Filter

The first instinct a homeowner runs into a problem with their air conditioning unit is to contact reliable Houston HVAC contractors company. Most of these problems usually revolve around heating or cooling irregularities. However, such problems are due to a clogged or dirty air filter. You should, therefore, check the filter and confirm that it is in good shape. If it is not, then you need to replace it as often as necessary to ensure you don’t experience irregularities when it comes to heating or cooling.

You also need to keep extra filters to replace when necessary, especially if you have a pet that usually plays around the house or your house is located next to a construction zone. Also, consider changing your filters regularly like every two months or as often as necessary depending on several factors.

Confirm that the Circuit Breakers are Working Properly

It is quite common for circuit breakers or power switches to accidentally turn on and off, especially during the installation of new electrical appliances.  Confirm that the circuit breakers are working properly and the issue is more than turning it on or off. In most homes, the circuit breakers are installed in the garage, but in some, they can either be installed in the storage rooms, the basement, or the hallway.

Check if the Vents are in Good Condition

The vents are the most sensitive part of an HVAC system. If you want to troubleshoot your system, it is recommended that you check the grills, the vents, and the ducts if they are in good working condition, and there is no blockage whatsoever. This is mainly because the vents may cause irregular flow of air due to blockage. It is also advisable that you place your furniture a few feet away from the vents.

Power Surge or Outages

Ensure that you have enough power, and there are no power outages in your area before you rush to call a technician. Power outages can be challenging to confirm, but they are linked to most cases of unstable airflow. This is essential to homeowners and other individuals who are interested in cutting their air conditioning costs as well as those who depend on natural lighting especially during the daytime.

Inspect the Batteries of Thermostat

Limited airflow or irreversible damage to your AC can be due to many factors, including blocked vents. However, often the problem can be solved by just changing the batteries. This is a practical solution that is often overlooked. Inspect your thermostat and check if it is lit. If not, this could be your sign that it is time to change the batteries in it.