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DIY Air Conditioner

DIY Air Conditioner Tips Before You Call a Professional

Calling an air conditioner professional can be incredibly expensive, especially when it was something you could have done easily.

Needless to say that there will be times when you will not be able to troubleshoot your AC and avoid services of a technician. But before you call a professional, here are some steps you can do yourself to determine the problem. Many times, if you are lucky, it is a simple problem that can be easily fixed without the help of an expert.

Here are some tips for you to check your air conditioning unit and repair simple problems before you call in a Houston AC Repair expert.

Check the breaker

More often than not, when your AC simply stops working without any warning it is mainly due to overloaded circuits. The best way to verify this problem is to check the power. If the unit does not power on at all, then your fix may require to replace a fuse or two or maybe even flip a switch.

Change the filter

One of the most basic yet most neglected AC maintenance tip is to keep the air filter clean. Just doing this one simple step every season will prolong your unit’s life substantially. When your air filter is clogged by dust, it can put immense pressure on your system to cool and still may not be able to get the same cooling you got before. Allow the airflow to move freely to make your AC function at its best. Failing to do this will not only cause your unit perform poorly but also make it ice up. So be sure to check and replace your air filter regularly.

Mind the thermostat

Not many people know this but thermostat is the most important part of your air conditioner. It is the thermostat that evaluates the ambient air to make to work accordingly. Thermostat has a very important role to play in an AC’s efficiency and it runs on batteries! Yes, as unbelievable as it may seem, it is a fact that most AC owners don’t know. If your AC malfunctions sometime, you can simply check the batteries of your thermostat and melt the ice, if any.

Clean it up

Your AC’s power reduces significantly if you allow dust and debris to gather inside the unit. It can affect everything from condenser fins to fan blades. So don’t forget to turn it off, open it up, and gently clean the unit with a soft cloth. Since the parts inside the unit are super delicate, you should be careful and gentle when working on it.

After completing all these steps, if the AC still feels hot and ineffective, then you must call a professional repair service to have a look. Remember to not go overboard with DIY fixing as you may end up voiding the insurance on your unit! Call the professionals and let them take it from there.