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Different Ways to Increase the Efficiency of Your Air Conditioner in Summer

Proper maintenance is necessary for air conditioners regardless of whether it is new and probably featured with energy-efficient technology or a couple of years old and in need of an upgrade. Houston HVAC contractors can help with installation and repair and the tips below will help maximize energy savings while ensuring optimum use.

Handle the Programmable Thermostat Carefully

The most recent air conditioners come with an in-built programmable thermostat. Thermostats are very crucial components of air conditioners especially when it comes to energy efficiency. You should contact Houston HVAC contractors immediately if you notice any signs of abnormalities. You should also remember to reprogram the thermostat now and then according to changes in seasons and family schedules.

Find the Best Time to Give Your AC a Rest

Energy-saving strategies such as opening the windows when it is cool in the mornings and closing them during excess heat such as mid-day can cut down on energy costs. The mid-summer heat can be very devastating but you can still take advantage of both early mornings and late evenings to give your AC a rest it deserves. Furthermore, allowing fresh air in the house is also good for your overall health. This is mainly because it prevents your indoor air from becoming stuffy and full of allergens. On the other side, you should pull the blinds or curtain when closing the windows and doors especially when you are not in the house. Do the same to unused rooms even when you are in the house to ensure proper insulation from heat.

Seal Your Home Properly

Apart from closing the windows and doors, it is important to ensure that the frames and other cracks are tightly sealed. This prevents hot air from getting inside the house and cool air escaping outside. Check the ductwork and ensure that it is also properly sealed and there are no signs of connections and gaps. This is done to prevent cool air from escaping outside or through the attic.

Only Use the Dryer or Oven When it is Cool

Appliances such as ovens or dryers should be used mostly in the morning or evenings. Another energy-saving tactic is to line dry your clothes whenever possible and barbeque outside when you can. Such tips are considered simple and easy to understand and will also put more money in your pocket.

Clean or Change Your Filter Regularly

A filter is another critical element in the AC that should be well-taken care of. Regular cleaning or changing the filter ensures that the AC is efficient. However, many people have reported forgetting about the cleaning or changing of the filter until the AC is worn out. The best thing to ensure regular cleaning is to set a reminder on the phone or your PC. Consider cleaning or changing your filter once every month and more often if you have pets.

Regular Inspection of the Compressor

Sometimes it is normal to find dislodged branches and debris in your compound especially after a storm. Regular inspection of the compressor ensures that such materials are not dislodged in the unit and prevent it from working properly.