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When the temperature outdoors is humid and muggy, no one likes to be without his or her air conditioner.

The cool air is our most satisfying reprieve from the heat.

However, there comes a time when every air conditioning unit will either need to be repaired or replaced. There are many reasons that can factor into having to have your unit serviced.

The summertime is the best time to get outdoors and enjoy the nice warm weather, and incidentally, when you have a malfunctioning air conditioning unit, the temperature inside your home can seem much warmer than the temperature outside. And if you reside in the state of Texas and you don’t have the comfort of a working unit, you will need to call the professional technicians that are familiar with air conditioning repairs in Houston.


Oftentimes, an air conditioning unit’s problems derive from the unit not being serviced on a regular basis. There are several air conditioning companies that render 24-hour service and are open 7 days a week. When you call, you will be able to make an appointment with a qualified technician at a time that will be convenient for you and your family.

For the most part, you will be able to get up-front pricing without having to be surprised by unsuspecting or hidden fees. These professional technicians, many times, are able to tell you the price of the job before they begin working so that you will be aware of what your options are and will be in a better position to make a financial decision.

When air conditioning repair companies in Houston send technicians to a customer’s home, they are aware of the concerns their customers have with strangers working in and around their property. This is why companies are taking the time to make certain that the technicians have received a thorough background check, and receive frequent ongoing drug testing.

It is important that the safety and concerns of the customers are protected. With that said, the technicians are also licensed and trained and ready to service all requests regarding any A/C needs.

Sometimes the main reason why a unit is not functioning properly is because it is running low on its key ingredient. Refrigerant, or known more commonly by most as, Freon, is what the unit’s compressor will press into a high-pressure gas. This gas then has the ability to absorb and release heat rapidly. And if the homeowner’s thermostat indicates the house is warmer than what the temperature has been set to, the air conditioner will kick on and begin to cool the inside temperature.

Once the humidity is removed from the air, it will become condensed and begin dripping into a drain pan. And after a period of time, the cycle will repeat itself. Thus keeping your home cool and comfortable all day long.

Once upon a time, central air conditioning was once considered to be a luxury. However, times have changed that, these days, homebuilders are including them as standard equipment when the home is being built. It is not too often that you will see an air conditioning unit in several different windows of a home.

There are different types of air conditioners. Builders have it where some of them are part of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning, better known as HVAC. This type is either paired with the homeowner’s furnace or it may be part of the cooling cycle of a heat pump unit.

So, if you are experiencing trouble with your A/C unit, and it is either not sending out any cool air into your home or is running sporadically and shutting off—then it is time for you to call a repair service somewhere in Houston.