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Common air conditioner problems and how to deal with them

Machines can get faulty at any point of the day, and we are sure you don’t want to get in a situation like this, especially when we are talking about air conditioners. After all, it’s the only vital you need during a hot summer day. Before it gets too bad and things get out of hand, here are a few common problems you should know and when to call for an A/C service provider in Houston, TX.

No cool air from the A/C

If you notice that your A/C is not throwing cool air, the first thing you do is check the filters in the outlet. If filters are covered with dust, they will block the air circulation, reducing the cooling effect. If you notice any dust outside or inside the outlet, we suggest you clean it up and try once again!

Water or coolant leakage

Most of these leaks are difficult to spot because they appear in the coolant pipe but, if you notice water flowing inside of the house then, you need to check the exact location from where its flowing and put a dry cloth to cover it. This is mainly because the pipe on the other side of the wall has come out or cut from the inside. An A/C service in Houston, Tx, can be the perfect solution to this problem.

Weird odour coming from the outlet

If you smell something burning or sense wire-related smells, it’s time for you to close the outlet and call the service provider immediately. Some homeowners also experience a musty smell from the outset; this happens when the air filters are clogged or the drainage system is not managed well. The solution to this problem is cleaning the A/C out. If you think you need to call in an expert for servicing, make sure to select the best one.

Too much noise from the fan or main unit

No one likes noisy air conditioners, after all this is why you bought an expensive one that lets you fall in a deep sleep without any disturbance. We are sure you must be devastated by too much noise but, this makes us see that you haven’t been taking regular maintenance for your A/C. Now that your A/C speaks for itself, it’s best to turn the unit off in such cases as it could be related to belt alignment or wiring. It’s best to call in an expert as soon as possible because we don’t want you to get in danger, and you don’t want to stay without an A/C in this dessert-like summer!

A/C faults like turning off and on and extra power consumption etc., are problems that you can quickly solve on your own. All you have to do is check regularly if everything is working fine or not. If you don’t select the right A/C service in Houston, Tx, then you might end up having a lot of problems in the future. Not only your A/C but poor installation can harm your pocket in many ways.