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Can an Air Conditioning or Air Filtration System Prevent COVID-19 From Entering Your Home?

Summary: Here’s the truth about air conditioning systems preventing the virus from spreading.

The world is presently revolving around the virus novel coronavirus. It has affected the world in unimaginable ways in recent months. It has been successful in entering most of the countries in the world. They confined people to their homes, and it might take some time before the world functions as usual.

People are doing everything that they can to prevent themselves from this deadly virus. All of us are looking at various ways to protect ourselves and our loved ones from this life-threatening disease.

During this process, a lot of people have questions. Many people want to know if there is any way they can protect themselves against this virus, and a lot of people are calling companies that provide AC repair in Houston to seek solutions.

Here are some details of the most commonly asked questions by people and the facts behind to help you make appropriate decisions.

Air Filtration System: There is a false notion that is circulating that the air filtration systems at home or in the AC are capable of stopping the virus from spreading. But, this is one thing that you should not believe in or fall for as this claim has no basis whatsoever.

This deadly virus can enter your home only if someone brings it along with them. Unfortunately, the filtration system, no matter how best or robust it is, can do nothing when the virus already enters into your home.

Hence, people must follow the instructions that reputed organizations are providing. Wear masks when you are going out and maintain social distancing to avoid contact with a person who has the virus.

Use hand sanitizer that has more than 70% of alcohol to eradicate the virus as soon as you touch something that may have this virus. Viruses are too small and can pass through any filtration device.

AC System at Home and Virus: The temperature is going to soar high as the summer is fast approaching. Of course, the air conditioning system’s primary responsibility is to recycle the existing air in a room or place. You are going to refresh yourself on a warm day by turning on the air conditioning system.

But, it is not a wise thing to do if so many people are visiting your home. If you are following the instructions that the health department, and WHO are providing like avoiding meeting people in person, then you are safe.

But, venturing into public places may not be the wisest thing until after some time. But, some of the malls and restaurants are taking extreme measures to ensure that people maintain distance and avoid any contact.

If you are a person who loves to go out and explore things, you should check what kind of measures the malls, gyms, hotels, and restaurants are taking before using their services.

If you are providing any of the services as shown listed above, you should plan on checking with the company that is offering services such as the AC repair in Houston to get some insights.