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Air Conditioners

How to Buy and Maintain Air Conditioners?

Modern day home air conditioners come with different features and energy-efficiency levels and need regular maintenance. If your AC repairs Houston is turning out to be costly and frequent then it is best to opt for a new AC unit. Some important factors to consider when it comes to air conditioners include its SEER rating, efficiency, and the size of the new system.

The most popular system in Houston is the standard air conditioning and heating unit. This equipment provides an all-in-one cooling and heating system.  To get more information you can contact AC repairs Houston experts who provide installation services, repair, and maintenance for homes around the city. Meanwhile here are some details to consider.

What to Consider When Purchasing A New Air Conditioning System?

Do not rush to buy a new air conditioner without considering the needs of your home. Some air conditioners are self-contained like the packaged units or you can opt for split AC systems. For instance, packaged air conditioners do not have separate units like indoor and outdoor. These air conditioners supply air to your rooms through ductwork. All its components are in the condenser. The air conditioner can be installed either inside or outside your home.

Generally, such air conditioners are easy to use, clean, and easy to maintain. Besides that, they offer a high level of efficiency.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

It is not enough to have a new air conditioner at your home without a proper yearly maintenance program. Hire experts who provide annual maintenance services to ensure efficient operation throughout the year.  Before you switch on your air conditioner at the beginning of every season, allow technicians to service your unit.

For instance, you need to get the condenser and evaporator coils cleaned up regularly. Dirty coils generally lower efficiency and increase the running time, which in turn increases electricity bills.

In case you have a problem with your air conditioner, technicians are ready to offer repair services throughout the week, any time of the day. Some of the most recurring issues you are likely to encounter include a sudden increase in your cooling bills, a decrease in the cooling efficiency, and a complete loss of cooling or heating effect of your system.

Maintenance Task

Perform maintenance routine in spring for the cooling equipment and end of the winter season for the heating system. If you have a system that serves both purposes like a heat pump, maintenance should be twice annually. The tasks that you may do on your own include:

  • Replace the air filter for the HVAC monthly. Some machines have indicators to alert you about clogging and blocking
  • Get rid of accumulated dirt in the outdoor unit
  • When dirt accumulation begins at the outdoor hose it down
  • Cut off foliage to 18 inches in the outdoor unit
  • Ensure furniture, drapes, or rugs do not block the return and supply registers

However, it is best to hire AC maintenance and repair professionals as they will take care of every aspect including the above steps. Reach AC repair experts who are just a phone call away from your home if you notice any of these problems.