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Best Tip to Keep AC Running Smoothly

It is a good habit to turn everything off when you leave the house. That way electricity isn’t running up the bill when you are not around to use it. This includes turning all the lights off, locking the doors and even shutting the air conditioning off because if no one is home then there is nothing to keep cool. Interestingly enough, this is the one thing that the experts recommend you DON’T do in order to prevent issues with the unit.


Instead, they suggest that you keep the HVAC unit running but you bump the temperature up by 2 to 4 degrees, so that it will not run as often or as cool as if you were home. The reasoning behind this is that it takes the equipment more energy and longer to start up again after being off, in addition to the heat that builds up in the home when it isn’t running at all.

For example, in Houston the temperature in the summer can run around 100 degrees on a regular basis. If your unit is off and the home is surrounded and quickly being brought up to this temperature, then it is going to take longer to get cooled off. However, if you keep your AC set at about 80 degrees, then that is a 20 degree difference and it will cool down to 75 or even 70 much quicker and easier from there.

Another point to consider is that a hot machine has to cool itself off first and work harder to run from an OFF position which uses more energy than if it is just staying in a HOLD position on a constant basis. This single tip from the experienced HVAC contractors in Houston can help save customers money on their utility bill and lengthen the life of their unit. This is just one of the many helpful hints that the heating and air professionals will provide when they perform monthly maintenance visits to keep your equipment working at top performance as well as emergency appointments and replacement assistance when needed. Go online and check them out today to keep your summer feeling cool and comfortable.