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Avail of AC installation services for your home or office!!

Most people hire a professional to install an AC unit in their home or office. Each AC system is unique to its manufacturer, and there are a few basic instructions which expert technicians follow to install the AC unit in your home, or office. Here, we will elaborate on installation of split AC systems and steps taken to install the unit in your establishment.

Installation begins by selecting an unobstructed location on the inner wall, to mount the indoor AC unit. While selecting this spot, the technicians try to avoid places which receive direct sunlight or other heat sources. The indoor unit requires at least 15 cm of open space surrounding the top or sides, and the unit must be mounted at least 7 feet above the ground. Moreover, the wall should be strong enough to support the weight of the unit. You may need a wooden or metal frame unit to provide added support.

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In the second step, a hole needs to be drilled in the inner wall, to fit the piping required for drainage. A hole of 7.5 cm in diameter needs to drilled in the wall, which must be sloping downwards, towards the exterior unit to ensure adequate drainage.

Electrical connections should be checked and proper connections should be ensured. The indoor unit of the AC is now ready to be mounted on the wall, on the mounting plate. If you are looking for Houston Air Conditioning installation, these are some of the basic steps that technicians take while installing the indoor unit of your split AC. You could also have window AC units installed, however the steps taken to install window ACs are somewhat different.

Most firms which provide AC installation services also provide repair and maintenance of AC units, and customers looking for these services, can contact these firms for AC repair and maintenance.

While installing the outdoor unit, it is made sure that the unit is away from heavily trafficked, dusty or hot areas, and requires at least 12 inches of space surrounding its area for proper functioning. Wiring should be done and adequate connections should be made to the outside unit.

Once, this is done the technicians will proceed to remove all air and humidity from the refrigerant unit. They will connect the vacuum pump to the unit and remove air till it reaches an absolute vacuum of 10 Hg. All valves and joints are tested for leaks, the vacuum is disconnected and the service ports and caps are refitted. The joints of the piping are then covered with insulated covering and tape.

This covers the major parts of split AC fitting and installation. Different types of AC units require different kinds of installation. Technicians in AC installation firms are highly experienced and have worked on installation of many different brands. Customers are guaranteed efficient services and the best value for money.

Customers should be on the lookout for AC installation services which provide services for a lesser amount than their competitors. If you feel you require further assistance regarding AC installation, feel free to contact customer service, and they will be glad to assist you in any possible way.