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Is Your Air Conditioner not working? Here are 5 Things You Should Check Before Calling a Repair Company

Most homeowners are known to contact air conditioner repairs whenever something is not okay with their units. However, most of the common issues that frequently affect the air conditioners can be fixed by the homeowners. A recent study reveals 56% of homeowners contact air conditioner repairs to come fix issues which they can easily fix by themselves.

There are several things which can go wrong whether you have a new air conditioner or one which has been dependable for years. The air conditioners are known to be complex machines which comprises of electrical, plumbing, refrigeration and mechanical components. In case one of the components or a correlating part is out of sync, the performance of the other parts and the AC cooling efficiency will be affected.

Air Conditioner Repairs

In case your air conditioner has malfunctioned and you are not sure where the problem is, you can always try these five troubleshooting tips to see if you can get it back to shape before contacting an air conditioner repair.

1. The AC Unit Isn’t Receiving Power

Most of the HVAC systems are known to have an emergency cut off switch located in the utility room or the furnace. There are chances the switch might have been intentionally or accidentally turned off. It is advisable that you try to locate this switch before you contact Ac Repairs in Houston. In most cases, it will resemble an ordinary light switch. If turning the switch on does not solve your problem, you can check if the wires that link your thermostat and air conditioner have been damaged either by the bad weather or rodents. Finally, you can check in the circuit breaker has been tripped.

2. Check if the Filters are clogged

One of the most common cause of air conditioner problems are the clogged return filters. Dust and dirt will prevent the air from going through the HVAC system after months of use. This will create two problems. First, the strain can easily cause the air handler to overheat while the evaporator coils can also freeze over whenever there is no enough warm air in the HVAC system. In case you experience such a problem, it is advisable that you change the air filter immediately.

3. Contractor Problems

A contractor refers to a delicate switch which is responsible for controlling your air conditioning unit. When the contractor has problems, it can prevent the air conditioner from functioning well or can cause it to run nonstop. The contractor can fail due to wear and tear but most of the problems usually occur when wasps, ants or other pests block it. In order to see if the contractor is the one affecting the normal functioning of your air conditioner, switch off the thermostat and open the AC cover. Locate the box that protects the contractor and remove any debris, pests and replace the cover.

4. Blocked Condensate Drains

There is likelihood condensation might build up in the attic or inside your home depending on the HVAC configuration. Condensation on the inside of the house windows is a sign that the air conditioner is not properly removing humidity since the drain is blocked. The drain pan can easily overflow and damage the house ceiling if the evaporator coils are located in the attic. Always check the drain pipe whenever it is humid to see if moisture is being released. It is recommended that you clean the condensate drain in a yearly basis by pouring peroxide in either the drain pan or the access port.

5. Short Cycling

This is a very common problem usually associated with oversized unites, equipments clogged with grass clippings, pollen and other debris and low air flow. In case the AC shuts off immediately it starts and never cools your home, there are chances the outdoor unit is clogged with dirt which obstructs the airflow. In case there are any bushes growing around the compressor, ensure they are at least 3 feet from the sides or top of the unit.