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AC service- How it is done?

AC service is something that you should do at least once every year. This is not like your regular home services, which require you to spend a lot. Only once a year, servicing your AC is more than enough. You may think of repairing the AC unit yourself, but this is very risky.  They are professional, have good expertise in their work, and can complete the job excellently.

How is it Done?

Here’s a step to step guide on how your AC servicing is done-

Air Filter Cleaning

The air filter of the air conditioner contains a massive amount of dirt and dust particles. It collects it every time it is operating. Problems arise when the Dirty air filter in the AC doesn’t let it function properly. These problems can be AC not cooling properly or the formation of ice in the AC. Hence regular cleaning of the air filter is essential. The technician has come to repair your AC and cleans the air filter first. Hiring a professional AC service Houston TX is always a better idea.

Fin Cleaning

Mold and dust are built up due to moisture problems in the condenser of the air conditioner. So the condenser is also washed, cleaned and rinsed in this process.

Coil Cleaning

The ultimate enemy of an air conditioner is dirt and dust particles. They cause your air conditioner to heat up fast and lower its cooling capacity. They also cause the system to overheat. The technician cleans the coils of the evaporator and condenser and other essential components of your AC. The split AC has their condenser in the outer unit, which is also cleaned.

Fan Cleaning

The fan is also affected by dust, so the technician also cleans the fan blade of the evaporator and condenser. In the case of a split AC, a condenser is also an outdoor unit that is also clean in this process. The mold buildup is also cleaned, if any.

Drain cleaning

The most common problem in faces that most consumers face is the draining of water or leakage of water from the AC. To prevent the water leakage from the AC, the technician claims the dust and debris from the drain of the AC.

Leakage check

This is an unpleasant one- sometimes dripping of water is noticed from the outlet of the air conditioner, which also forms a pool right below it. If there is any leakage in the pipe or tube inside the AC, the technician makes sure to fix it. And rechecks it.

Level check of the coolant

The AC stops cooling because the level of the coolant coil or evaporator coil drops. The level of the coolant must not be below the required amount. The technician checks if the coolant amount is okay and makes sure to make it in just the right amount needed.

Final inspection of the AC

Finally, the technician checks if all the components of the AC, such as the motor, condenser, evaporator coil etc., are functioning correctly or not; if required, he would suggest a change in any of these components; otherwise, the work is done.

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