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9 Things You Need to Check before Calling Air Conditioner Repair

The demand of air conditioner technicians has gone up due to the increase in the number of people using air conditioners in their homes. Recent statistics reveal 43% of homeowners do not know what to do before making that important call to their air conditioner technician.


Before making that important call to your air conditioner repair, there are some things you need to do in order to ensure all goes well and fast.

Your air conditioner repair needs to know some few but important details before they arrive and by having the details at hand will help in ensuring the process of repairing your air conditioner is fast and smooth. In case you are intending to call an air conditioner repair in Houston, ensure you prepare the space around your air conditioner, consider which between repair and replacement will be worthwhile and jot down the specifics. Here are some of the nine things you should check before your air conditioner technician arrives.

1. Check if there is power in the House

According to recent research, Houston tx air conditioning repair are said to receive two or three calls from homeowners on a yearly basis where they show up at their house only to find out the entire neighbourhood or house has no power. This can be very embarrassing can be a source of bad feeling whenever the air conditioner arrives to receive his or her payment for the service.

2. Check if the gas meter is turned on with your local provider

Most homes are known to use gas heat in Houston. For a gas furnace, it is appropriate for the gas meter to be in place and the gas account active. Every year, there are five to six times when AC technicians come across individuals who move into a house but have never called a gas service. In most cases, this would occur when someone moves from an area with warmer climate where little heat was needed.

3. Check the Air Filter

Airflow in your heating unit or air conditioner unit is very important. It is therefore important that you change the air filters on a regular basis. If you fail to change the filters regularly, air restriction can make the air conditioner unit to malfunction.

4. Check if the Circuit Breaker is tripped

Ensure you take your time and check the circuit breaker inside the breaker box. There are people who call it a fuse box though they have not used the fuse for years. In case the air conditioner breaker has been tripped, reset it. You need to keep in mind that the circuit breakers trip for safety reasons and in case it trips again, ensure you wait for the air conditioner technician to arrive and check into the problem. In most cases, the breakers will never be the problem but there might be an issue in the wiring that is taking in more power than it should.

5. Ensure you check the Indoor Unit Switch

Here in Houston and other locales, the local code indicates that there must be an on-off switch located next to the indoor unit for safety reasons. Most homeowners with kids playing ball experience this problem whenever the ball bounces over to the furnace and hits the switch thereby turning the unit off.

6. Check the Disconnect Switch on the Outdoor Unit

It is similar to checking the indoor unit switch. There will always be a disconnect switch at the outdoor unit. Ensure it is flipped on or plugged in. However, you need to be very careful since the switch controls 240 volts of electricity hence, can be very dangerous.

7. Check the Safety Switch under the Air Conditioner Unit

This usually happens in attics where one was moving boxes in and out of the attic and bumps onto the pan or unit. Never bypass the safety switch or you could experience a huge water mess in your house.