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8 Mistakes You Make When Dealing with Your Air Conditioner

Mistakes people make with their AC may be reducing its efficiency while increasing the cost of having one running in your house in the summer.

An AC that is badly maintained may get contaminated by microorganisms that end up making everyone in your home sick.

Houston AC service experts indicate that most of the badly maintained AC units required full replacement as they would never work to their full efficiency. Some of the most common mistakes people make with their home AC include:

Not Changing the Filters

The filter on your AC should be cleaned at least once every month as indicated by Houston AC service expert. A dirty filter can cause poor air flow and may shorten the time you can use your AC for. The air from the AC will also be stale and of bad quality and the whole thing will cause a higher energy bill than usual. Ductless AC units can be cleaned using a rag cloth.

Not Servicing the AC

The fans and coils on your AC require regular maintenance to keep your system running efficiently. They need to be cleaned and lubricated and checked on to ensure it is in full working order. An expert cleaner could also service your system at least once a year. Servicing your AC is cheaper than buying an entirely new one.

Not Having a Programmable Thermostat

Having a programmable thermostat will help those who often forget to program them before they leave their homes. This will save a lot of money on the bills they pay annually. You can program the exact temperature you want at specific times so it is useful.

Setting the Thermostat too Low

Setting your thermostat on low raises your bill by a lot of money. Your body can adjust to the warmer temperatures on its own after a while so unless absolutely necessary, keep the thermostat on as high as you can stand or switch it off entirely.

Overusing the AC

Consider having a fan. Fans are cheaper overall and circulate air better in your room. They are also easier to clean and cheaper to maintain overall. They can also be placed on any surface or on the roof to blow in cold air. Instead of using AC all the time consider using a fan whenever possible.

Badly Positioned Vents

The sun shining on your thermostat during the day will cause it to work overtime and will increase your bill by a lot of money, especially if you are not home during the day. Blocking the vents with curtains or furniture will limit the reach of the AC into the room.

Cooling Empty Rooms

Close AC vents in empty rooms that are not in use daily to save on energy spent and save some money in the process.

Not Having Curtains or Blinds

Bright sunlight affects your AC negatively. Close curtains and blinds to block the sun’s rays and to ensure your AC doesn’t overwork to cool the room.