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6 Factors You Need To Consider When Hiring AC Repair

Having an air conditioner fixed in your home or business premise is not all. You need to get a good AC Repair company that will be responsible for repairing your air conditioner whenever it is not functioning well. Statistics reveal up to 62% of AC Repair Companies do not have the necessary licenses or their employees do not have the right certifications.

When it comes to hiring an air conditioning contractor, it is important that you ensure you hire the right person. You need to remember that you will be inviting someone you do not know well into your house and you trust him or her to be fair and honest when doing the repairs and costs. Your air conditioner will be in high demand whenever the hottest months are approaching. You will therefore have to bring in someone who will be responsible for carrying out routine maintenance and any other type of repair that might be required. Here are important tips you should always put in your mind whenever you are hiring an AC repair.

Hiring AC Repair

1. Certifications and License

It is important you check if the AC repair company you are about to hire has the right certifications and licenses. Check if their employees are HVAC System Performance Certified technicians. You can also ask the company’s representative if the certifications and licenses are not available on their website.

2. Professional Affiliations and Recommendations

When you need the best AC Repair in Houston Tx , check and see if they are associated with the Better Business Bureau(BBB) and have an A rating. Another way you can know of the company’s reputation is by reading client reviews on the company’s Customer Lobby, Google, social media pages and Yelp. On Yelp, do not forget to read through the hidden comments as well.

3. Insurance

The most important insurance cover most of the AC repair companies have is the Workers compensation. In case anyone is hurt while working in your home, you will be liable unless the contractor has the right insurance coverage.

The process of installation and servicing of air conditioners is hazardous task.Never hesitate from asking for insurance coverage proof and always contact the insurance company to ensure the cover is still active.

4. Professional Demeanour

Do the AC repair company answer your phone directly and in house or are you always put in a phone tree? How does the company speak to their potential clients? Do they provide price quotes and courteous whenever they are answering questions? Do they reply messages in a timely and professional manner? The way the contractor communicates will be a great indicator on how they handle the project.

5. Guarantees and Company Policies

Any person is interested in hiring a honest company that values its customers satisfaction. Always ask about the policies of an air conditioner repair company to see if they do quality work. Check if they do offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. What are their policies and warranty if your air conditioner breaks down? How long has the company been around? Always ask for references of customers that had problems with the company and ask how and if the problem was resolved.

6. Availability

It is important that your schedules line up with the contractor’s. It can be frustrating whenever your air conditioner breaks down when you are in a 100-degree heat and your contractor is not readily available to fix it. It is advisable that you always go for contractors who offer 24/7 emergency services at affordable rates. However, getting an AC company if you are experiencing the first heat wave of the season the same day might not be possible.

By asking the AC repair contractor a few questions, you tell how qualified, knowledgeable and reliable they are and help you in hiring the best AC repair service company.