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6 Common Problems You Might Encounter with an Old Air Conditioner

Air conditioning systems are increasing in popularity as the urge of having fresh air increases. However, recent statistics reveal 49% homeowners in UK are not aware of the most common problems they can face with an old air conditioner.

Just like any other mechanical equipment, your air condition system too news to be properly maintained so that it can continue delivering the high performance it used to. However, despite regular inspections, maintenance and cleaning, the older part of the air conditioning system will still deteriorate over some time.

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As the air conditioner unit gets older, it will start to experience problems every now and then. You will be forced to replace it over a period of time. Until then, you can still try save you money by identifying some of the common problems you might encounter with your air conditioning unit. Here are six common problems you will always encounter with your old air conditioner.

1. Icing on Your Unit

It is not uncommon for ice to form on your air conditioning unit especially when the temperature soars while the demand is high. Your AC unit can easily freeze as the condensation forms and comes into contact with your cold air. However, you should know that there is something seriously wrong with your unit immediately you start seeing major builds up of ice on the units’ coils and other parts. Ensure you contact Ac Service Humble Tx immediately to help assess the situation.

2. Low Refrigerant

You should never worry about the low refrigerant levels. However, with time, the levels can wane with frequent usage and force you to refill it. You will suffer a slightly warmer home interior though no one wants to continue experiencing such problems for long since you could find your AC unit performing poorly and might increase the costs of repairs.

3. Wear and Tear

Whenever you are dealing with mechanical or electrical parts especially one that requires on and off turning on a frequent basis such as AC unit, there are high chances the parts will always suffer from wear and tear after some time. This can compromise the performance of your air conditioning system at first, however, without immediate repair; you can face a complete breakdown of your unit.

4. Wiring

Any person interested in installing the air conditioning unit should be aware of the associated codes and regulations for wiring. However, when you move in a home with an already installed air conditioning unit, there are chances you could encounter issues dealing with faulty wiring. It can easily result in intermittent outages and cause fire. In case you discover such a thing, ensure it is addressed immediately.

5. AC Unit Blows Warm Air

One main reason why most of the air conditioning systems blow warm air is due to presence of dirty filters. The unit might be producing cold air but unable to flow through the ductwork. Clean air filters help in protecting your equipment ensuring it is performing well. The AC unit is known to perform harder as the outside temperatures approach triple digits and might not cool down as you desire. Ensure things such as leaves and other debris are not obstructing the airflow whenever your outdoor unit is on. An AC unit blowing warm air can be as a result of insufficient refrigerant. You should only contact professional air conditioning technicians to help repair the unit.

6. AC unit Cycles Frequently or Cannot Turn off

In case an air conditioner is too large for your home, it will usually cycle on and off repeatedly. Your AC unit will reach the thermostat setting and signal the equipment to cycle off. The unit will come on again immediately the temperature drops below the thermostat setting. You unit can run continuously since it could be too small to cool the volume of air contained in your house or the inside unit can turn off while the outside fan continues to run.

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