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5 Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Is Producing Loud Noise

Despite the increase of air conditioners in our homes, 40% of the air conditioners in US are said to be producing unnecessary noise due to lack of maintenance. This is according to the recent research conducted by Forbes in 2013.

In the absence of a centralized air conditioner, window conditioners are considered among the best in ensuring your room is kept cool. The window air conditioners are comprehensive units which can easily be mounted on a window or have been designed to the rooms’ aperture. There is no need of installing extra piping or separate consider units when you have the window AC’s.

The process of installing window air conditioner is simpler compared to designing or installing a centralized air conditioner unit. However, one of the main problem most of the air conditioner face is that they can be very noisy at times. Here are some five main reasons why your window air conditioner might be noisy.

Air Conditioner Is Producing Loud Noise

1. Bent Fan Blades

The presence of intruding objects can easily cause problems or damage your air conditioner even after they have been removed. For example, the fan blades inside the window air conditioner can be bent whenever they strike an object that falls inside the unit. It is always advisable you frequently check if the blades are straight. In case they are not, you can always use a pair of pliers to straighten them. If you are unable to determine if the blades are bent, you can always get an Ac Repair Houston Tx to frequently check your units to ensure it is functioning well and that the fan blades are always straight.

2. Presence of Foreign Objects

In case your window air conditioner has been functioning well producing a steady noise level but suddenly start producing loud noise, there is possibility there are foreign objects in it. The presence of foreign objects is very common in this air conditioner since the outer part of the unit usually hangs outside the house window making it easy for flying debris and small animals to get into the air conditioner.

In case your air conditioner is on the ground floor, they can be a possible dwelling ground for animals like lizards and rats. All you have to do in such a situation is switch off the air conditioner, unplug it and open the front frill. Peak inside the unit using a flashlight and remove any foreign objects inside the unit.

3. Vibrations on the Window Frame

The window air conditioner units are always known to be heavy and have lots of moving parts. This makes the unit prone to vibrations in case they have not been correctly mounted. You can always touch the window AC sides where they have been mounted to check the vibration levels. In case they are vibration excessively, always call a professional air conditioner installer to help fix it so that the vibration can be minimized.

4. Insufficient Lubrication

The fan motor can produce loud and persistent noise if it is not lubricated properly. In such a situation, you will have to switch off the AC to prevent the fan motor from being damaged. Insufficient lubrication is considered to be one of the major causes of loud noise in most of the window air conditioners. This is attributed to lack of maintenance practises.

5. The Loose Front Grill

It is important you remove the front grill of your window air conditioner on a regular basis in order to clean the filters. The grills are usually held in place by a simple locking mechanism. However, the dirty filter will never cause excessive noise despite being problematic to the normal functioning of the unit. The grill can vibrate a lot and cause loud noise if it is not put back correctly.