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3 Signs Your Air Conditioner Is Too Big For Your Home

The size of your air conditioner has likely never crossed your mind, but it definitely plays a factor in its performance as well as how your home gets cooled. Perhaps your AC unit has been installed by the previous homeowner or it’s been so long since you had a new unit put in that you know much more about air conditioning since then. Whatever the case, you may have experienced problems with your air conditioner all this time if it may be too big for your home.

Depending on the size of your home, you need the right size of air conditioner to match. If your unit is too small, it may not be capable of cooling the home entirely, which affects how it performs in the long run. But here is why it’s a problem to own an air conditioner that’s too big, courtesy of professional AC repair in Houston.

The AC Unit Can Wear Out Fast

Like a smaller AC unit needing to work hard to cool a big home, the same can also be said about a large unit cooling a small home. What happens when an air conditioner cools a home that it’s too small for is that it takes very little time for the home to be cooled. This certainly sounds like a brilliant idea and a very appealing selling point for homeowners, but the problem is that it can happen too fast for a smaller home, and so the unit will shut itself off too soon. The big performance will certainly have a price in the form of big exhaust.

Having the unit power itself on and off many times each day is not good for its parts. The air conditioner will be working hard, meaning its parts wear out faster than normal, and in turn, they will need to be replaced so that the air conditioner continues to run optimally.

The AC Unit Fails To Control Humidity

Having the air conditioner shut off prematurely will certainly lead to other problems. When an AC unit is shut off, it’s not able to provide you with other features, namely temperature and humidity control. Humidity control is important, especially in Texas, so that your home is constantly free of moist air. Without your unit capable of controlling humidity all the time, air quality will decline and this can also lead to mold developing in walls and other infrequent areas of your home.

The AC Unit Is Noisier Than Necessary

Large air conditioners will certainly have an audible buzz, hum, or other noise when they’re running, which is especially true if yours is getting up there in age. However, this noise can also be present when the home is not big enough for it. If your house is small, you’re sure to hear this noisy unit in many parts of the home. There are other units that owners of smaller homes can consider instead, and not only are these units smaller and quieter, but they can do their job the same as larger ones.


It’s possible that your air conditioner may be too big for your home. It might sound appealing to you to have a great performing unit that works quickly, but that can come at the expense of the unit shutting down prematurely, wearing out its parts, not being able to perform necessary functions like humidity control, and being too noisy for your home. If you have an older unit, be sure to replace it with something smaller to ensure it lives a long, productive life.